Clarence Rupert Dunlap

Clarence Rupert (Larry) Dunlap, air marshal (b orn 1 January 1908 in Sydney Mines, NS; died 20 October 2003 in Victoria, BC).

As a youngster in Cape Breton, Dunlap's imagination was fired by a nearby seaplane base and by memories of Baddeck, where the Silver Dart had flown. He joined the RCAF in 1928, specializing in aerial photography and then in air armament. Posted overseas in 1942, he commanded No 331 Wing in 1943, carrying out operations from Tunisia. He was the first RCAF officer to command a British operational bomber wing: his No 139 Wing participated in daylight raids from England against V-1 launching sites in Germany 1943-44, and Dunlap himself flew 35 operational sorties. A trim, competent, principled officer with a pleasant personality, he rose steadily after the war, serving as commandant of the National Defence College 1951-54, and vice-chief of the air staff 1954-58, before becoming chief of the air staff 1962-64, and deputy commander in chief of NORAD 1964-67. He retired in 1968.