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Daniel Foley

Foley, Daniel (Charles). Composer, b Toronto 24 Apr 1952, B MUS (North Carolina School of the Arts) 1974, M MUS Composition (Toronto) 1977.

Foley, Daniel

Foley, Daniel (Charles). Composer, b Toronto 24 Apr 1952, B MUS (North Carolina School of the Arts) 1974, M MUS Composition (Toronto) 1977. At 15 as a self-taught composer he became one of the earliest Canadian recipients of the BMI Award to Student Composers, an award he won three times (1966, 1970, 1971). He was also a five-time recipient of the Vittorio Giannini Memorial Award. In 1980 he shared the Canadian Federation of University Women Creative Arts Award in composition with John Burke. He began his formal compositional training in the high school division of the North Carolina School of the Arts with Robert Ward.

In 1974 Foley became an instructor of theory and history at NCSA. In 1976 he began graduate studies at the University of Toronto with John Weinzweig and Lothar Klein. Summer sessions at the Banff CA allowed him the opportunity to study with Violet Archer, Serge Garant, Oskar Morawetz, Bruce Mather, and Gilles Tremblay.

In 1980 Foley joined the music department at the University of Guelph, a position he held until 1986 when he decided to devote more time to composition.

Foley attributes the formalist emphasis in his compositions of the 1970s to his exposure to teachers such as Garant and Tremblay. His more recent works, which he describes as a form of 'humanist expressionism,' have been influenced by his self-directed studies in ethnomusicology.

Foley is a member of the CLComp and the Canadian Music Centre.

Selected Compositions

Double Concerto. 1976, rev 1978. 2 double-bass, orch. Ms

Athabascan Dances. 1987. Ms.

Departures. 1988. Ms.

Menagerie. 1989. Ms

Also Carmina Antiqua (1979) for concert band and Serenade (1977) for tenor saxophone and wind ensemble. Both manuscript


Reciprocal Accord. 1980. Db, piano. Ms

Hommage à Klee: Perspectives no. 3. 1981. Va, accordion, vibraphone. Ms

Rabelaesiana. 1981. Db, percussion, piano (harp, harpsichord). Ms

Tetrakys. 1982. Fl, violoncello, piano. Ms

Saint George Blues. 1984. Va, keybd. Ms. Canaccord CONA-3 (CD) (Perry viola, Petric accordion)

Hommage à Henri Rousseau. 1985. Cl, piano. Ms

Athabascan Suite. 1986, rev 1987. Acc. Ms

De Rerum Natura. 1986. Tpt, organ. Ms

Wanagi wacipi olowon: ghost dance. 1987. 3 clarinet, bass clarinet. Ms

Hommage à Mondrian: Perspectives no. 5. 1990. Acc, piano. Ms

Squeeze Play. 1990. Acc. Ms

Also works for piano and two for voice.

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