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Frank Haworth

Francis Haworth, composer, educator, journalist (born 13 January 1905 in Liverpool, England; died 12 December 1994).

Francis Haworth, composer, educator, journalist (born 13 January 1905 in Liverpool, England; died 12 December 1994). Frank Haworth was an English-born composer who worked for the CBC. He also taught seminars and workshops for the Ontario Department of Education and was an associate of the Canadian Music Centre.

Early Years and Career

A self-educated musician, Haworth taught music in Lancashire schools from 1925 to 1940. In 1943, the British Council appointed him the first music officer to the West Indies. From 1946 to 1956, he was a radio programming director, journalist and music critic in Bermuda.

Career in Canada

In 1956, he moved to Toronto, where he contributed to the Globe and Mail, Saturday Night and the CBC Times. He composed music for the CBC TV children's series Mr. O (1956) and Old Testament Tales (1957), and contributed scripts and commentary to various CBC music and public affairs programs.

He was a travelling organizer and instructor for the Ontario Department of Education (1963–67), offering music courses, seminars and workshops. A traditionalist composer who adopted new elements when they seemed appropriate, Haworth summed up his music as “community music” — intended for the amateur rather than the virtuoso. His works have been played in Australia, Czechoslovakia, England, Holland, Italy, Portugal and the United States.


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“Music in the Parish Church,” Brief to the Bishops (Toronto, 1965).

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Selected Compositions

Stage, Radio, TV
The Hopeless Dawn (A Fairly Grand Opera), soli, chorus, piano, composed by Haworth (1943).

The Seven Ages of Man, violin, flute, horn, trumpet, wordless chorus, actors, dancers, mixed media (1968). Ms.

Many other works, including incidental and ballet music.


Avalon Concert Overture (1937). Ms.

2 suites for string: Dalegarth (1958); Calday Grange Suite (1958). Both manuscript.

2 suites for horn and string: Pastoral Suite (1956); Cornucopia (1972). Both manuscript.

Several other works for orchestra, including Edenvale Suite (1969) and Lomyra (1975), and many works for band.


Glenrose Suite, wind quintet (1960). FH, 1972.

Kernwood Suite, saxophone quartet (1972). Ms.

Others, including a piano quartet (early 1930s), string quartet (1930, 1932, 1940s–58), a string trio (1964); many short pieces for various combinations.

Numerous works for recorder and recorder ensemble, including Serenade (1947) and Songs of Canada (1964) published by WR (1958 and 1964 respectively).

Choir and Voice

“Dream Pedlary” and “Reeds of Innocence,” violin, piano (1956). Ms.

Canada Onward, a miniature cantata, solo, soprano, alto, tenor/bass, flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano, composed by Haworth (1967). Ms.

Pastorale, soprano, alto, tenor, bass (1944; rev. 1971). Ms.

Song of Life, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, composed by Haworth (1980). Ms.

Several other works for choir and voice, including many early settings of the Latin Mass and other sacred texts, arrangement of folk songs, Christmas carols, etc.

Some other works in miscellaneous categories.

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