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Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR)

​Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR) is a francophone and comprehensive institution of higher education.
UQAR Rimouski
UQAR campus in Rimouski (courtesy UQAR).
UQAR Lévis
UQAR campus in Lévis (courtesy UQAR).

Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR) is a francophone and comprehensive institution of higher education. Founded in 1969, UQAR is part of the Université du Québec’s network, the only public university network in Canada.

Founding Background

UQAR owns two campuses that are located 300 km apart on the south shore of the St Lawrence River, in Rimouski and Lévis. Situated by the river, the Rimouski campus makes of UQAR the northernmost university in Québec. Marine science (see Oceanography), regional development and nordicity are areas of research excellence that particularly influence many of the education and research programs offered at UQAR.


In Rimouski, UQAR offers several programs in the fields of biology, chemistry, geography, letters and humanities, computer science and engineering, psychology and social work, science education, marine science, nursing, management and social and territorial development. The education offered in Lévis is concentrated in the fields of administration, education, social work and nursing.

UQAR programs embrace a multidisciplinary approach and integrate field trips and internships in the workplace. UQAR’s students also have the possibility to study one or two semesters abroad as part of their regular program, while paying no more tuition than when studying in Québec. These periods of study abroad take place in the context of student exchange programs (SEP) managed by Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI), which has so far signed agreements with partners in 24 countries.


Nearly 6,500 students, including 400 international students from 35 countries, attend UQAR annually. The university has 215 professors working in eight departments: Department of Biology, Chemistry and Geography; Department of Letters and Humanities; Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering; Department of Psychosociology and Social Work; Departmental Unit of Science Education (Lévis); Departmental Unit of Management Sciences (Rimouski); Department of Nursing; Department Societies, Territories and Development; and the Rimouski Institute of Marine Science (ISMER).

Over the years, the quality of its infrastructures, education and research, the development of areas of research excellence and the numerous awards won by UQAR have earned it broad recognition, both nationally and internationally.

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