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    Achille Fortier

    Achille Fortier. Composer, teacher, b St-Clet, near Montreal, 23 Oct 1864, d Viauville, Montreal, 19 Aug 1939; honorary D MUS (Montreal) 1926.

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    Adam Schott

    Adam (Joseph) Schott. Bandmaster, b Mainz, Germany 1794, d Poona, India, 4 Aug 1864. This son of the founder of the German publishing house B. Schott's Söhne became a bandmaster in the British army.

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    Adam Shortt

    Adam Shortt, economist, historian (b at Kilworth, Canada W 24 Nov 1859; d at Ottawa 14 Jan 1931). Educated at Queen's U (BA 1883, MA 1885) and at Glasgow and Edinburgh, Shortt joined the staff at Queen's in 1886 and was professor of political science 1891-1908.

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    Adélard-Joseph Boucher

    Adélard-Joseph François-Arthur Boucher, publisher, importer, choirmaster, organist, conductor, writer, teacher, numismatist (born 28 June 1835 in Maskinongé, near Trois-Rivières, Lower Canada; died 16 November 1912 in Outremont, QC).

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    Adélard Joseph Boucher

    Adélard Joseph (François-Arthur) Boucher. Publisher, importer, choirmaster, organist, conductor, writer on music, numismatist, b Maskinongé, near Trois-Rivières, Lower Canada (Quebec), 28 Jun 1835, d Outremont, near Montreal, 16 Nov 1912. He began his studies in Montreal.

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    Adelmo Melecci

    Adelmo Melecci. Teacher, composer, organist, b Felonica Po, near Venice, 18 May 1899, naturalized Canadian 1928, d 31 Aug 2004; honorary ARCT (1988).

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    Adolph Koldofsky

    In 1944 Koldofsky became concertmaster of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and conductor of the Junior Symphony. In 1945 he moved to Los Angeles, where he played in the RKO studio and in chamber music recitals and established a local chapter of the International Society for Contemporary Music.

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    Adolphe Hamel

    Adolphe (Théophile) Hamel. Organist, pianist, choirmaster, businessman, b Quebec City 15 May 1842, d there November 1887. He studied violin, then piano and organ with Paul Letondal as part of the academic studies he began in Montreal and completed in Quebec City.

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    Agnès Grossmann

    Agnès Grossmann, orchestra and choir conductor (b at Vienna 24 Apr 1944). After studies in piano performance at the Vienna Academy (1968), Grossmann embarked on a career as a soloist in Europe and Japan.

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    Agnes Grossmann

    Agnes Grossmann. Orchestral and choral conductor, pianist, b Vienna, 24 April 1944; piano performance diploma (Vienna Academy) 1968, honorary D HUM L (Mount St Vincent) 1991, honorary D Univ (Ottawa) 2004.

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    Al Baculis

    Al Baculis (Joseph George Alphonse Allan). Alto and tenor saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, arranger, teacher, b Montreal 21 Nov 1930, d Seminole, Florida 22 Jan 2007; L MUS clarinet (McGill) 1951.

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    Al-Hajj Sayyd Abdul Al-Khabyyr

    Al-Hajj Sayyd Abdul Al-Khabyyr (né Russell Linwood Thomas), soprano, alto and tenor saxophonist, clarinetist, flutist, composer (born 22 March 1935 in New York, New York; died 15 February 2017 in Montréal, QC).

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    Al Neil

    Al (Alan Douglas) Neil. Pianist, composer, visual artist, author, b Vancouver 26 Mar 1924. He studied with Glenn Nelson and Jean Coulthard but, save for some lessons with Wilf Wylie, was self-taught as a jazz pianist.

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    Alain Caron

    Alain Caron, composer, bassist and arranger (b at Saint-Éloi, Québec 5 May 1955). Known as a virtuoso on his instrument, he was part of the jazz-fusion group Uzeb from 1976 to 1990.

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    Alain Gagnon

    Alain Gagnon. Composer, teacher, b Trois-Pistoles, Que, 22 May 1938; B MUS (Laval) 1963, L MUS composition (Laval) 1964. He began teaching himself the piano but continued 1951-8 with Father Philippe-Antoine Lavoie at the Rimouski Seminary.

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