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    3's a Crowd

    3's a Crowd. Early Canadian folk-rock group, active 1964-9. Initially a folk-comedy trio, it was formed in Vancouver by singer Donna Warner and singer-guitarists Brent Titcomb and Trevor Veitch.

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    Alternative rock band 54-40 rose from the Vancouver punk scene of the late 1970s to achieve mainstream success in Canada in the late 1980s and the 1990s. They have had four platinum albums and one gold album and have been nominated for eight Juno Awards. They are perhaps best known for the hit singles “I Go Blind,” “Baby Ran,” “One Day in Your Life,” “Nice to Luv You,” “She La,” “Ocean Pearl” and “Since When,” among others. The band has been inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame and the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame. “I Go Blind” was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2021.

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    The Halluci Nation (A Tribe Called Red)

    Electronic group The Halluci Nation (previously known as A Tribe Called Red) has garnered international acclaim for its politically charged, powwow drum-driven dance music. Featuring the DJs Bear Witness (Thomas Ehren Ramon) and 2oolman (Tim Hill), the group emerged from an Ottawa club party called Electric Pow Wow, which began in 2007. Former members include DJ Shub (Dan General), and founding members DJ NDN (Ian Campeau) and Dee Jay Frame (Jon Limoges). The group has described its “powwow step” music as “the soundtrack to a contemporary evolution of the powwow.” ATCR is part of what broadcaster and educator Wab Kinew has called the “Indigenous Music Renaissance,” an innovative new generation of Indigenous artists in Canada. The group was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize in 2013 and 2017, and has won three Juno Awards, including Breakthrough Group of the Year in 2014 and Group of the Year in 2018.

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    Abraham's Children

    Abraham's Children. Pop group formed in Toronto in the late 1960s with Jimi Bertucci (bass), Ron Bartley (guitar), Bob McPherson (keyboards) and Brian Cotterill (drums), and Shawn O'Shea (guitar) as of 1973.

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    Alexisonfire. Post-hardcore band, formed in 2001 in St. Catharines, Ontario and originally consisting of vocalist George Pettit, guitarist and vocalist Dallas Green, guitarist Wade MacNeil, bassist Christopher Steele and drummer Jesse Ingelevics. In 2005, Ingelevics was replaced by Jordan Hastings.

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    Anglo-Canadian Leather Company Band

    Anglo-Canadian Leather Company Band, or Anglo-Canadian Concert Band. Built on the nucleus of a small band formed by Italian immigrant workers at a Huntsville, Ont, tannery established by Charles Orlando Shaw in 1900.

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    Anvil. Heavy metal band, formed in 1978 in Toronto and consisting of guitarist-vocalist Steve “Lips” Kudlow, drummer Robb Reiner and bassist Sal Italiano.

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    April Wine

    A staple of Canadian classic rock, April Wine was one of the most popular and commercially successful Canadian rock bands of the 1970s and early 1980s. They had 5 platinum or multi-platinum albums in Canada, 21 Top 40 singles, and received 10 Juno Award nominations, including 7 for group of the year between 1975 and 1983. Their radio-friendly arena rock sound was characterized by strong melodies, catchy, muscular guitar riffs, and sentimental pop ballads. They have been inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and Canada’s Walk of Fame. A version of this entry originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada.

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    ARC Ensemble

    Created in 2002 and directed by Simon Wynberg, the ensemble consists of eight musicians expanded as needed with GGS students and guest artists.

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    Arcade Fire

    Montreal’s Arcade Fire are an eclectic indie rock band with baroque and pop undertones. They are known for their expansive membership and almost orchestral instrumentation, serious lyrical and thematic concerns, an anthemic yet iconoclastic sound and dramatic build-ups to moments of catharsis. The band’s breakthrough debut album, Funeral (2004), is widely considered one of the best rock albums of the 21st century. Their third album, The Suburbs (2010), won Juno Awards, a Grammy Award and the Polaris Music Prize. Their theatrical, exuberant live shows have made them a popular touring act and enhanced their worldwide popularity. They have been nominated for nine Grammy Awards and more than two dozen Juno Awards, winning twice for Songwriter of the Year and three times each for Alternative Album of the Year and Album of the Year.

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    Arcade Fire (Profile)

    People in tuxedos fighting over hot dogs. That's the indelible image Win Butler and Régine Chassagne took home from their first trip to the Grammy Awards back in 2006. Their group, Arcade Fire, had received two nominations.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on February 21, 2011

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    Arion Male Voice Choir

    Arion Male Voice Choir. Possibly Canada's oldest existing male choir devoted to the singing of secular music. It was founded in February 1893 (with initial, informal activities beginning in 1892) as the Arion Club of Victoria (BC) and gave its first concert 17 May 1893 at Institute Hall.

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    Arena rockers Arkells formed in Hamilton, Ontario, in 2004. Since releasing their debut album, Jackson Square (2008), the band has won nine Juno Awards and been nominated 17 times. They currently hold the record for most wins by a band in the Group of the Year category with six. They also won for New Group of the Year in 2010 and for Rock Album of the Year in 2015 and 2019. Their hit songs include “Leather Jacket,” “11:11” and the sports anthem “Knocking at the Door.”

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    Artists' Jazz Band

    Artists' Jazz Band (AJB). A pioneering Canadian free-jazz group initially composed of Toronto visual artists associated with the abstract-expressionist movement of the late 1950s.

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    Atlantic Symphony Orchestra/Orchestre symphonique de l'Atlantique

    Atlantic Symphony Orchestra/Orchestre symphonique de l'Atlantique. Canada's first and only full-time regional orchestra, active 1968-83. The orchestra was formed 12 Jun 1968 with the support of committees in Halifax and Sydney, NS, and Saint John, Moncton, and Fredericton, NB.

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