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    Alexander Rankin

    Alexander Rankin, timber merchant, politician (b in parish of Mearns, Scot 31 Dec 1788; d at Liverpool, Eng 3 Apr 1852). Rankin became a clerk in the firm of Pollok, Gilmour and Co, Glasgow merchants who traded with the Baltic ports.

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    Alexander Stirling MacMillan

    Alexander Stirling MacMillan, businessman, politician, premier of Nova Scotia 1940-45 (b at Upper South River, NS 31 Oct 1871?; d at Halifax 7 Aug 1955).

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    Alfred Boyd

    Alfred Boyd, merchant, politician (born ca. 1836 in England; died 16 August 1908 in England). Alfred Boyd is often referred to as Manitoba’s first premier, though his title was provincial secretary, and he did not head the government. A merchant and fur trader in Red River, Boyd was elected to the Convention of Forty in January 1870. In September 1870, he was appointed provincial secretary by Lieutenant-Governor Adams George Archibald. Elected as the MLA for St. Andrew's North in 1870, Boyd briefly served as minister of public works and agriculture and minister of education. He served only one term and returned to his native England around 1899.

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    Alfred Ernest Ames

    Alfred Ernest Ames, investment dealer (b at Lambeth, CW 3 Sept 1866; d at Toronto 20 Sept 1934). He worked as a bank clerk, then moved to Toronto and established A.E. Ames Co, investment dealers, 1889, the same year he married Mary Cox, daughter of financier and senator George Cox.

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    Alfred Ernest Cross

    Alfred Ernest Cross, rancher, brewer (b at Montréal 26 June 1861; d there 10 Mar 1932). A graduate of Ontario Agricultural College and Montreal Veterinary College, Cross came to Calgary in 1884 as veterinarian and assistant manager of the British-American Horse Ranch Co.

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    Alfred Rouleau

    Alfred Rouleau, insurance agent, administrator and president of Mouvement Desjardins (born 19 August 1915 in Sherbrooke, Qué; died 19 October 1985 in Montréal).

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    Allan Gilmour

    Allan Gilmour, shipbuilder, timber merchant (b at Craigton, Mearns [Strathclyde], Scot 29 Sept 1805; d at Glasgow, Scot 18 Nov 1884).

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    Allan Slaight

    John Allan Slaight, CM, media mogul, philanthropist, reporter, broadcaster, magician (born 19 July 1931 in Galt, ON; died 19 September 2021 in Toronto, ON). After briefly working as a magician, Allan Slaight started his career as a radio reporter. He quickly rose through the ranks and bought his first radio station before his 40th birthday. By the time he sold his holdings to Astral Media for $1.08 billion in 2007, the media magnate had amassed more than 50 radio stations and a pair of TV stations. He also owned the Toronto Raptors and was a notable philanthropist, with numerous awards now named in his honour. Slaight was made a Member of the Order of Canada and has a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame.

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    Allison McCain (Profile)

    This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on November 29, 1999. Partner content is not updated. Allison McCain came home in August. But his roomy office atop McCain Foods Ltd.'s international headquarters in tiny, out-of-the-way Florenceville, N.B., looks like he arrived just yesterday. Several framed pieces of art lean in a pile waiting to fill big empty spaces on the walls.

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    Alphonse Desjardins

    Alphonse Desjardins, journalist, parliamentary reporter, founder of the Desjardins Group (born 5 November 1854 in Lévis, Québec; died 31 October 1920 in Lévis, Québec).

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    The Disappearance of Ambrose Small

    On 2 December 1919, a day after completing a million-dollar business transaction in Toronto, entertainment tycoon Ambrose Small mysteriously disappeared. Despite an international search, no trace of him was ever found. Police suspected foul play and investigated Small’s wife and personal secretary. However, neither the police nor a private investigator uncovered any evidence connecting them to his disappearance. The Ambrose Small case remains one of Canada’s most perplexing and legendary unsolved mysteries.

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    André Bureau

    André Bureau, communications administrator (b at Trois-Rivières, Qué 10 Oct 1935). Bureau was trained in law at Université Laval and at Paris's Université de Droit Comparé.

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    André Chagnon

    André Chagnon, OC, O.Q., entrepreneur and philanthropist (born 17 March 1928 in Montreal, Quebec; died 8 October 2022 in Vaudreuil-Dorion). Trained as an electrician, André Chagnon created Télécâble Vidéotron Ltée in 1964 (see Cable Television). Under his leadership, the company became one of the most successful telecommunications companies, not only in Quebec but Canada-wide. He also established a charitable organization, the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation. André Chagnon has been recognized as one of the most dynamic and innovative businessmen of his generation.

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    Andrew Archibald Macdonald

    ​Andrew Archibald Macdonald, politician, businessman (born 14 February 1829 in Brudenell Point, PE; died 21 March 1912 in Ottawa, ON).

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    Andrew Bannatyne

    Andrew Graham Ballenden Bannatyne, businessman, politician (born 31 October 1829 at South Ronaldsay, Orkney ; died 18 May 1889 at St Paul, Minnesota).

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