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    William Cameron Edwards

    William Cameron Edwards, industrialist, politician (b in Clarence Twp, Russell County, Canada W 7 May 1844; d at Ottawa 17 Sept 1921). Edwards entered the lumbering business in Thurso but moved to Rockland in 1868 and founded W.C.

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    William Cormack

    William Eppes (Epps) Cormack, merchant, explorer, naturalist (b at St John's 5 May 1796; d at New Westminster, BC 30 Apr 1868).

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    William Dodge Lovitt

    William Dodge Lovitt, vessel owner, entrepreneur (b 21 July 1834; d 1 Jan 1894). He purchased new sailing vessels at YARMOUTH, NS, Port of Registry during the 19th century.

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    William Eric Phillips

    William Eric Phillips, financier, industrialist (b at Toronto 3 Jan 1893; d at Palm Beach, Fla 26 Dec 1964). In Europe at the outbreak of WWI, Eric Phillips joined the British army, winning both the DSO and the Military Cross, and becoming lieutenant-colonel.

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    William Fernie

    William Fernie, prospector, miner, entrepreneur (b at Kimbolton, Eng 2 Apr 1837; d at Victoria 15 May 1921). After travelling through Australasia and South America, he came to Vancouver Island in 1860.

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    William Gooderham

    William Gooderham, distiller, businessman, banker (b at Scole, Eng 29 Aug 1790; d at Toronto 20 Aug 1881). Migrating to Canada in 1832, Gooderham became involved in the Toronto milling trade with his brother-in-law James Worts, who died in 1834.

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    William Hamilton Merritt

    William Hamilton Merritt, soldier, businessman, politician (b at Bedford, NY 3 July 1793; d at Cornwall, Canada W 5 July 1862). "A Projector," as he styled himself, he epitomized what John Beverley ROBINSON called the defining characteristic of American society, the "anticipating spirit.

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    William Henry Jackson

    William Henry Jackson, also known as Honoré Joseph Jaxon, Louis Riel's secretary immediately before the North-West Resistance, labour leader (born 13 May 1861 in Toronto, Ontario; died 10 Jan 1952 in New York City, New York).

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    William John Bennett

    William John Bennett, businessman (b at Schreiber, Ont 3 Nov 1911; d at Montréal, Qué 23 Apr 1991). A graduate of the University of Toronto, Bennett became private secretary to C.D. HOWE in 1935 and served as Howe's executive assistant in the Department of Munitions and Supply during WWII.

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    William Macdonald Sobey

    William Macdonald Sobey, executive (b at New Glasgow, NS 9 June 1927; d at Salt Lake City, Utah 29 May 1989). As chairman of the board of Sobeys Stores Ltd, he continued the family control of the Nova Scotia-based chain of food stores founded in 1907 by his grandfather, John William Sobey.

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    William McIntosh

    William McIntosh, fur trader (b at Grand Rapids, US 1784; d 16 Feb 1842). By 1816 a wintering partner in the North West Company, he had previously been positioned at Lesser Slave Lake (1803) in the Peace River country (1805) and at Fort Vermilion (1815).

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    William McMaster

    William McMaster, businessman, banker, philanthropist (b in County Tyrone, Ire 24 Dec 1811; d at Toronto 22 Sept 1887). After immigrating to America he came to York [Toronto] in 1833 and entered a dry-goods firm.

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    William Mellis Christie

    William Mellis Christie, biscuit manufacturer (b at Huntley, Aberdeenshire, Scot 5 Jan 1829; d at Toronto 14 June 1900). He apprenticed as a baker in Scotland, and at age 19 immigrated to Canada.

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    William Merton Neal

    William Merton Neal, "Billy," railway executive (b at Toronto 20 June 1886; d at Longbow Lk, Ont 19 Oct 1961). Neal entered the CPR's service in 1902, qualifying as a stenographer in Winnipeg 2 years later.

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    William Morris

    William Morris, businessman, politician (b at Paisley, Scot 31 Oct 1786; d at Montréal 29 June 1858).

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