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    Daniel Johnson, Jr.

    Daniel Johnson, GOQ, business leader, politician and premier of Québec (born 24 December 1944 in Montréal, Québec). The Vice-President of Power Corporation of Canada from 1978 to 1981, Johnson also served as a member of Québec’s National Assembly for over 25 years. After the resignation of Premier Robert Bourassa, Johnson was elected leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, and on 11 January 1994, he became the 25th premier of Québec. However, he held on to this position for only eight months: in September 1994, the Liberals lost the Québec general election to the Parti Québécois. Johnson then served as leader of the Official Opposition for nearly three years, successfully leading the “No” camp in the Québec referendum campaign of 1995. He left politics in May 1998 and subsequently worked as a lawyer and as a negotiator for the government of Québec, while also sitting on several boards of directors.

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    Daniel Massey

    Daniel Massey, manufacturer (b at Windsor, Vt 24 Feb 1798; d at Newcastle, Canada W 15 Nov 1856). A prosperous Methodist farmer near Cobourg, Upper Canada, Massey became interested in farm machinery in the 1830s and invested in a

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    Daniel Williams

    In addition to practising law, Williams excelled at business. While attending Dalhousie's law school, he led a group of businesspeople to seek the first cable licence in Newfoundland and built Cable Atlantic into one of the largest communications companies in Atlantic Canada.

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    David Alexander Dunlap

    David Alexander Dunlap, lawyer, mine executive (b at Pembroke, Canada W 13 Oct 1863; d near Toronto 29 Oct 1924). Dunlap was a lawyer in Mattawa when he and his associates, Henry and Noah TIMMINS and the McMartin brothers, acquired the LaRose silver mine near COBALT, Ontario.

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    David Blythe Hanna

    David Blythe Hanna, accountant, railway director (b at Thornliebank, Scot 20 Dec 1858; d at Toronto 1 Dec 1938).

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    David Dodge (Interview)

    DAVID DODGE SAYS SO OFTEN that the BANK OF CANADA 's goal is to keep inflation "low, stable and predictable" that, as the words trip off his tongue, they flow together, creating what seems like a single thought.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on March 21, 2005

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    David O'Brien (Profile)

    This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on November 16, 1998. Partner content is not updated. David O’Brien, the chairman, president and chief executive officer of Canadian Pacific Ltd., is a man who regularly confounds expectations.

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    David Lam

    David See-Chai Lam, OC, CVO, OBC, 25th lieutenant-governor of BC 1988–95, banker, land developer, philanthropist (born 25 July 1923 in Hong Kong; died 22 November 2010 in Vancouver, BC). After establishing himself as a successful banker in Hong Kong, David Lam moved to Vancouver in 1967 and became a central figure in the city’s real estate development. As a philanthropist, he made major contributions to the cultural life, community spaces and educational institutions of British Columbia. A vocal advocate of immigration and of Canada’s role within the Pacific Rim, Lam served as lieutenant-governor of British Columbia from 1988 to 1995. He was the first person of Asian ancestry to hold a vice-regal post in Canada.

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    Debra Ward (Interview)

    In the wake of AIR CANADA 's merger with Canadian Airlines, Transport Minister David Collenette two years ago appointed Debra Ward to review the effects of airline restructuring in Canada and make recommendations for the future.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on October 14, 2002

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    Denham Jolly

    Brandeis Denham Jolly, C.M., teacher, entrepreneur, publisher, broadcaster, philanthropist, civil rights activist, community leader (born 26 August 1935 in Industry Cove, Jamaica). Jolly began his business career by purchasing and operating rooming houses and nursing homes. He later purchased and became the publisher of Contrast, a Black community newspaper in Toronto and established FLOW 93.5, the first Black-owned radio station and the first station in Canada to showcase Black music and the stories of the Black community. Jolly also was involved with or founded and led community groups — such as the Black Action Defence Committee — that sought to end police violence targeting young Black men. Jolly also contributed generously to several causes including scholarships for promising young Black Canadians.

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    Dennis Oland Case

    On 19 December 2015, Dennis Oland was convicted of second-degree murder in the bludgeoning death of his father, Richard (Dick) Oland. A year later the conviction was overturned on appeal, and a new trial ordered. The initial, 65-day trial was the longest in New Brunswick history. It also drew national attention due to its brutal nature and revelations about the storied Oland family, founders of the Moosehead brewing empire. In 2019, Dennis Oland was found not guilty of the murder in his retrial.

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    Donald Gordon

    Donald Gordon, banker, business executive (b at Old Meldrum, Scot 11 Dec 1901; d at Montréal 2 May 1969). Gordon left Scotland when young and joined the Bank of Nova Scotia, working up through the ranks while attending night school.

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    Dorimène Desjardins

    Marie-Clara Dorimène Desjardins (née Roy), co-founder of the Caisses populaires Desjardins (born 17 September 1858 in Sorel, QC; died 14 June 1932 in Lévis, QC).

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    Douglas H. Fullerton

    Douglas H. Fullerton, OC, economist, financial consultant, author (born 3 September 1917 in St. John's, Newfoundland; died 21 December 1996 in Ottawa, ON).

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    Doug Phillips

    Douglas George Phillips, businessman, politician, commissioner of Yukon 2010–18 (born 4 December 1946 in Toronto, ON).

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