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    Canadian Association of Music Libraries/Association canadienne des bibliothèques musicales

    Canadian Association of Music Libraries (CAML)/Association canadienne des bibliothèques musicales (ACBM). The Canadian branch of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML).

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    Canadian Library Association

    The Canadian Library Association (CLA) was founded in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1946, and incorporated on 26 November 1947. CLA was a non-profit voluntary organization governed by an elected executive council and advised by over 30 interest groups and committees. After years of diminishing membership, the CLA was dissolved in 2016.

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    Carl Fellman Schaefer

       Carl Fellman Schaefer, artist, teacher (b at Hanover, Ont 30 Apr 1903; d at Toronto, Ont 21 May 1995).

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    Carl Frederick Klinck

    Carl Frederick Klinck, literary historian, educator (b at Elmira, Ont 24 Mar 1908; d at London, Ont 22 Oct 1990). Klinck helped make CANADIAN STUDIES a central part of the curriculum: his Canadian Anthology (edited with R.E.

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    Carl Morey

    Carl Reginald Morey, musicologist, teacher (born 14 July 1934 in Toronto, ON; died 3 December 2018 in Toronto). ARCT 1953, B MUS (Toronto) 1957, M MUS (Indiana) 1961, PhD (Indiana) 1965. Morey studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music and music history and literature at the University of Toronto. A Canada Council doctoral fellowship in 1963 enabled him to work in Italy on his dissertation 'The late operas of Alessandro Scarlatti.' He taught 1962-63 at Wayne State University, Detroit, and 1964-70 at the Music Department at the University of Windsor (1967-70 as its head). He began teaching as an associate professor at the University of Toronto in 1970, became a full professor in 1977, and was dean 1984-90 of the Faculty of Music and concurrently chairman of the Graduate Department of Music. In 1991 he was appointed Jean A. Chalmers professor of Canadian music and director of the faculty's Institute for Canadian Music. Morey retired from the university in 2000.

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    Caroline Adderson

    Caroline Adderson, writer and educator (born at Edmonton, AB 9 Sept. 1963). While Caroline Adderson studied education at the UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA her creative writing professor suggested she dedicate a year to writing after graduation.

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    Caroline Racicot

    Caroline Racicot. Pianist, teacher, administrator, b Montreal 3 Feb 1862, 1864 or 1872, d there 17 Dec 1950.

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    Catherine Allison

    (Alice) Catherine Allison. Educator, b Vankleek Hill, east of Ottawa, 1 Apr 1902? (family sources suggest 1898), d Ottawa 3 Apr 1986; honorary MA (St Francis Xavier) 1957, honorary LL D (Dalhousie) 1971.

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    Cecil Augustus Wright

    Cecil Augustus Wright, "Caesar," educator (b at London, Ont 2 July 1904; d at Toronto 24 Apr 1967). Called Canada's most influential law teacher and the architect of LEGAL EDUCATION in Ontario, Wright taught at Osgoode Hall Law School from 1927, becoming dean in 1948.

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    Cecil Scott Burgess

    Cecil Scott Burgess, architect, professor (b at Bombay (Mumbai), India 4 Oct 1870; d at Edmonton 12 Nov 1971). Cecil Scott Burgess helped bring English Arts and Crafts architectural and design ideals into Canada. His public lectures provided a bridge between the profession and the public.

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    Céline Marier

    Céline (also known as Célina, Célinie, Célanie) Marier. Soprano, teacher, b Montreal 17 May 1871?, d there 4 May 1940.

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    Charles A.E. Harriss

    Charles Albert Edwin Harriss, composer, impresario, educator, organist-choirmaster, conductor (born 16 December 1862 in London, England; died 31 July 1929 in Ottawa, ON).

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    Charles Ambrose

    Charles Ambrose. Organist, teacher, b England 1791, d Hamilton, Ont 17 Feb 1856. After serving as organist at Chelmsford Cathedral in England, he emigrated to Canada in 1837 and settled on a farm near Guelph, Ont. In 1845 he became organist-choirmaster at Christ Church Cathedral in Hamilton.

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    Charles Augustus Semlin

    Charles Augustus Semlin, schoolteacher, prospector, rancher, premier of BC 1898-1900 (b at Barrie, UC Oct 1836; d at Ashcroft, BC 3 Nov 1927). After teaching in Barrie, Semlin came to BC in 1862, buying the Dominion Ranch in 1869. Elected Conservative MLA for Yale in 1871, he was defeated in 1875.

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    Charles Bohner

    Charles Bohner. Composer, arranger, teacher, fl Toronto 1882-98. Bohner, who had a music studio on Yonge St, wrote songs and piano pieces, of which the earliest extant, Aesthetic Valse and Claxton's Grand March (1882, both for piano), were published by T. Claxton.

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