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    Charles de Koninck

    Charles de Koninck, philosopher (b at Thourout, Belgium 29 July 1906; d at Rome, Italy 13 Feb 1965). A graduate of Louvain U, when he arrived at Québec's Université de Laval, Thomism was the established doctrine of philosophy in Québec.

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    Charles Doherty

    Charles Joseph Doherty, lawyer, educator, judge, politician (b at Montreal 11 May 1855; d there 28 July 1931). Educated at McGill, he later taught civil and international law there for many years while practising law. He served as a judge of the Quebec Superior Court 1891-1906.

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    Charles E. Wheeler

    Charles E. (Edward) Wheeler. Organist, teacher, composer, b London, Ont, 1870, d there 25 Nov 1949; FRCCO. After early studies with Carl Verrinder, W. James. Birks, George Sippi, and J.W. Featherston, Wheeler had organ and theory lessons in Toronto with F.H. Torrington and W.O. Forsyth respectively.

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    Charles Foran

    William Charles Foran, writer, journalist and educator (born at Toronto, Ont. 2 August 1960). The son of a FRANCO-ONTARIAN mother and IRISH Canadian father, Foran was raised in Toronto.

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    Charles Foreman

    Charles (Lindsay) Foreman. Pianist, teacher, b East Chicago, Ind, 11 May 1949; B MUS (Indiana) 1971, Artist Diploma (Toronto) 1972, M MUS (Toronto) 1973. Before moving to Canada in 1972 Foreman studied piano with Rudolf Reuter in Chicago and Abbey Simon at Juilliard.

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    Charles Gill

    Charles Gill, painter, teacher (b at Sorel, Qué 21 Oct 1871; d at Montréal 16 Oct 1918). He began to study design in Nicolet with Abbé Thomas Maurault and continued his art studies in Montréal with William Raphael and then William BRYMNER.

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    Charles Jordan

    Charles Jordan (b Jack Wiseman). Baritone, teacher, b Montreal 3 Apr 1915, d Toronto 27 Jun 1986. His father, George Wiseman, was an amateur tenor soloist with choirs in Russia.

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    Charles-Joseph Ducharme

    Charles-Joseph Ducharme. Teacher, b Lachine, near Montreal, 10 Jan 1786, d Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville (Ste-Thérese), near Montreal, 25 Mar 1853. He studied music at the Séminaire de Québec along with academic subjects and theology.

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    Charles Kirk Clarke

    Charles Kirk Clarke, psychiatrist, educator (b at Elora, Canada W 16 Feb 1857; d at Toronto 20 Jan 1924).

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    Charles Taylor

    Charles Margrave Taylor, CC, GOQ, philosopher, political theorist and public intellectual (born 5 November 1931 in Montreal, Quebec). An internationally celebrated Canadian philosopher, Taylor’s work bridges the gap between philosophical theory and political action. His writings have been translated into more than 20 languages, and have covered a range of subjects including multiculturalism, modernity, humanity, morality, artificial intelligence, language, social behaviour and Canadian politics.

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    Charlotte Cadoret

    Charlotte (Augustine) Cadoret (Sister St-Jean-du-Sacré-Coeur, Congregation of Notre-Dame). Educator, composer, pianist, (Newark, NJ, to Canadian parents, Feb 29, 1908 - Montreal, March 7, 1995). Teaching certificate (Montreal) 1928, B.Mus. (ibid.) 1931, L.Mus. (ibid.) 1941.

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    Charlotte Gray

    Charlotte Gray, historian, biographer (born 3 January 1948 in Sheffield, United Kingdom). Charlotte Gray is the author of a dozen best-selling Canadian history books and an adjunct research professor in the department of history at Carleton University. She is a recipient of the Pierre Berton Award for distinguished achievement in popularizing Canadian history.

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    Chester William New

    Chester William New, university teacher, historian, biographer (b at Montréal 9 Oct 1882; d at Hamilton, Ont 31 Aug 1960). Raised and educated in Hamilton, New was a graduate of the University of Toronto and McMaster University.

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    Children’s Books about Inuit Culture in Canada

    Inuit authors have brought the richness and diversity of Inuit culture into the public eye with several enchanting and powerful books. From oral histories to Arctic animals to supernatural creatures, the books on this list explore various elements of the Inuit culture and way of life. Titles listed are recommended for a range of age groups, from toddlers to preteens. These books support efforts to encourage literacy, preserve and promote culture, and educate others about Inuit and Indigenous peoples and history.

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    Clara McCandless Thomas

    Clara McCandless Thomas, teacher, critic (b at Strathroy, 22 May 1919).

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