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    François Ricard

    ​François Ricard, O.Q., literary critic, essayist, editor, professor of literature (born 4 June 1947 in Shawinigan, QC).

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    François Tousignant

    François Tousignant, composer, teacher (born 26 Apr 1955 in Montreal, QC; died 26 March 2019 in Montreal). François Tousignant’s catalogue of compositions includes some 30 works, in which serialism is a dominant influence. Among these are La Chevelure... for three sopranos and electric piano (1978), a commission from the French government on the occasion of the centenary of Alfred Cortot's birth and the 50th anniversary of the hall named after him; Portrait, a music-theater work inspired by Beaudelaire (1984); Concerto for piano and orchestra (1985); and Diptyque for orchestra (1988).

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    François-Xavier Mercier

    François-Xavier Mercier (Merçay). Tenor, teacher, b Quebec City, 13 Aug 1867, d Quebec City 22 Dec 1932. He sang in Quebec City from his early childhood, especially at the Church of the Congregation of Notre-Dame (now Jacques-Cartier).

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    Françoise Aubut

    Françoise Aubut-Pratte (née Aubut), organist, educator (born 5 September 1922 in St-Jérôme, QC; died 8 October 1984 in Montréal, QC).

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    Françoys Bernier

    Françoys (Joseph Arthur Maurice) Bernier. Pianist, conductor, producer, administrator, teacher, b Quebec City 12 Jul 1927, d Quebec City 3 Feb 1993. He began his musical studies as a child with his grandfather, Joseph-Arthur.

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    Frank Blachford

    Frank (Edward) Blachford. Violinist, teacher, conductor, composer, b Toronto 28 Dec 1879, d Calgary 24 Jun 1957; ATCM 1897. He studied at the TCM with Bertha Drechsler Adamson, graduating in 1897, and continued at the Leipzig Cons with Hans Sitt and Carl Reinecke.

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    Frank Churchley

    Frank (Franklin Eugene) Churchley. Educator, author, pianist, b Oshawa, Ont, 15 Jun 1930; B MUS (Toronto) 1950, LRCT 1952, MA (Columbia) 1957, D ED (Columbia) 1959. His thesis was 'The piano in Canadian music education'.

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    Frank Fairchild Wesbrook

    Frank Fairchild Wesbrook, physician, educator (b in Brant County, Ont 12 July 1868; d at Vancouver 20 Oct 1918). Having obtained his arts and medical degrees at U of Man 1890, he did postgraduate work in London, Dublin and Marburg, Germany.

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    Frank Forward

    Frank Arthur Forward, engineer, educator, inventor (b at Ottawa 9 Mar 1902; d at Vancouver 6 Aug 1972). Known internationally for his metallurgical-process discoveries, Forward was also a prominent educator and science administrator.

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    Frank H. Rowe

    Frank H. (Francis Henry) Rowe. Baritone, teacher, b Blackman, England, 22 Feb 1881?, d Montreal 19 Sept 1957?. He was a soloist at St John's Church in his native town and sang with the Moody-Manners opera troupe for three years. He later studied with Vittorio Maria Vanzo in Milan.

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    Frank Hanson

    Frank (Franklin Keith) Hanson. Teacher, composer, b Lynn, Mass, 8 Aug 1899, naturalized Canadian late 1920s, d Montreal 16 Jan 1975; B MUS (McGill) 1931, D MUS (McGill) 1947. Raised in Lynn, and in Cincinnati where he studied piano, he moved in 1914 with his family to Toronto.

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    Frank Hawkins Underhill

    Frank Hawkins Underhill, historian, political thinker (b at Stouffville [Whitchurch-Stouffville], Ont 26 Nov 1889; d at Ottawa 16 Sept 1971).

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    Frank Haworth

    Francis Haworth, composer, educator, journalist (born 13 January 1905 in Liverpool, England; died 12 December 1994).

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    Frank Thorolfson

    Frank Thorolfson. Educator, pianist, organist, conductor, composer, b Winnipeg, of Icelandic parents, 5 Feb 1914, d Hamilton, Ont, 26 Mar 1977; ATCM 1932, LAB 1933, M MUS (Chicago Musical College) 1952, honorary FRHCM 1972.

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    Frank Welsman

    Frank (Squire) Welsman. Conductor, teacher, pianist, b Toronto 20 Dec 1873, d at his summer home, Lake Joseph, Muskoka, Ont, 2 Jul 1952.

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