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    Mary Schäffer Warren

    Mary Schäffer Warren (née Mary Townsend Sharpless), naturalist, writer, photographer, surveyor (born 4 October 1861 in West Chester, Pennsylvania; died 23 January 1939 in Banff, AB). Schäffer Warren is best known for being the first non-Indigenous person to explore Maligne Lake in the Canadian Rockies. She was one of the first non-Indigenous women to travel through much of what is now Banff and Jasper national parks. Although she had no experience as a surveyor, the Geological Survey of Canada asked her to survey Maligne Lake in 1911. As a result, Schäffer Warren is responsible for naming several of the geographic features surrounding the lake (see also Ten Mountains in Canada Named After Women). Through writing and lantern-slide presentations of her hand-painted photographs, she encouraged tourism to the Rockies.

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    Mina Benson Hubbard

    Mina Benson Hubbard (née Mina Benson, also Mina Benson Hubbard Ellis), explorer, geographer, author, nurse, teacher (born 15 April 1870 near Bewdley, ON; died 4 May 1956 in the County of Surrey, England). After her husband died while exploring the interior of Labrador, Mina Benson Hubbard embarked on an expedition to complete his work. She completed the nine-week canoe journey through at least 900 km of Labrador in 1905. Hubbard was one of the first non-Indigenous people to travel extensively in the area. Using measurements and notes taken during her trip, she developed some of the first maps of the region.

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    Mina Benson Hubbard's Labrador Expedition

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    Mountenay William Du Val

    Mountenay William Du Val, (b at Île Bonaventure, Qué 30 Jan 1883; d at Mont-Joli, Qué 22 Feb 1960) and Matilda Clara Du Val, née Mauger (b at Île Bonaventure, Qué 4 Oct 1884; d at Montréal 13 Dec 1954). The Du Vals were both of Channel Island and Irish background and were raised at ILE BONAVENTURE.

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    Robert Francis "Frank" Power (Primary Source)

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    Onkar Prasad Dwivedi

    Onkar Prasad Dwivedi, CM, political scientist, environmentalist (born 20 January 1937 near Bindki in Uttar Pradesh province, India; died 29 January 2013 in Guelph, ON). Dwivedi was known for his research in public administration and the environment. He contributed widely to both his academic field as well as his community, both in Guelph and abroad.

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    Paul Watson

    Paul Franklin Watson, environmental activist, author, reality TV star (born 2 December 1950 in Toronto, ON). Paul Watson is the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) and a pioneering, polarizing figure in the conservation movement.

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    Pehr Kalm

    Pehr Kalm, botanist (b in Sweden 6 Mar 1716; d in Finland 16 Nov 1779). Kalm was educated in Finland and Sweden. He met the leading European naturalist, Linnaeus, in 1741, and under his influence became an expert on botanical applications to agriculture.

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    Raoul Blanchard

    Raoul Blanchard, geographer (b at Orléans, France, 1877; d at Paris 1965). He was considered the father of modern geography in Québec, and exercised a profound influence on the future founders of geography departments at universities in Montréal and Québec.

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    Rob Stewart

    Robert Stewart, director, writer, photographer, conservationist (born 28 December 1979 in Toronto, ON; died 31 January 2017 near Islamorada, Florida). Rob Stewart was an ecologically-minded non-fiction filmmaker, conservationist and activist who was fascinated since childhood by underwater life and photography. His environmental documentaries Sharkwater (2006) and Revolution (2012) set box office records in Canada and won numerous awards worldwide. Stewart was reported missing on 31 January 2017 while diving in the Florida Keys and was found dead after a three day search. The Canadian Screen Award for Best Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series was renamed in his honour.

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    Roderick Haig-Brown

    Roderick Haig-Brown, author, conservationist (b at Lansing, Eng 21 Feb 1908; d at Campbell River, BC 19 Oct 1976). Haig-Brown's early appreciation of nature greatly influenced his later life.

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    Ronald Lawrence (Profile)

    Now 74 and living on a 100-acre wilderness spread in the Haliburton Highlands, 170 km north of Toronto, Lawrence avoids discussing the two years he fought in Spain, or the five he served as a British soldier in the Second World War.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on August 19, 1996

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    Roy Lewis Taylor

    Roy Lewis Taylor, botanist (born 12 April 1932 in Olds, AB; died 2 May 2013 in Nanaimo, BC). Throughout his career, Taylor held numerous leadership positions at botanical gardens and societies in both Canada and the United States. Taylor was also a founding director of Botanic Gardens Conservation International, an organization working toward the conservation of threatened plants.

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    Samuel de Champlain

    Samuel de Champlain, cartographer, explorer, colonial administrator, author (born circa 1567 in Brouage, France; died 25 December 1635 in Quebec City). Known as the “Father of New France,” Samuel de Champlain played a major role in establishing New France from 1603 to 1635. He is also credited with founding Quebec City in 1608. He explored the Atlantic coastline (in Acadia), the Canadian interior and the Great Lakes region. He also helped found French colonies in Acadia and at Trois-Rivières, and he established friendly relations and alliances with many First Nations, including the Montagnais, the Huron, the Odawa and the Nipissing. For many years, he was the chief person responsible for administrating the colony of New France. Champlain published four books as well as several maps of North America. His works are the only written account of New France at the beginning of the 17th century.

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    Samuel Wilmot

    Samuel Wilmot, pisciculturist, farmer, politician (born 22 August 1822 in Clarke Township, West Durham, Upper Canada; died 17 May 1899 in Newcastle, ON). Samuel Wilmot established one of North America’s first fish hatcheries on his farm in Newcastle, Ontario. He began as an amateur working in his basement and became a leading authority on fish culture. Wilmot established 15 hatcheries across Canada and his designs influenced other hatcheries in North America.

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