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    Ann Meekitjuk Hanson

    Ann Meekitjuk Hanson, CM, journalist, broadcaster, philanthropist, commissioner of Nunavut (born 22 May 1946 in Qakutut, Northwest Territories). Hanson has spent much of her professional life in the public sector service, furthering the development of Nunavut and its people through her media and philanthropic work.

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    Commissioners of Nunavut

    Commissioner Term Helen Mamayaok Maksagak 1999–2000 Peter Taqtu Irniq 2000­–05 Ann Meekitjuk Hanson 2005–10 Edna Ekhivalak Elias 2010–15 Nellie T. Kusugak 2015–20 Eva Qamaniq Aariak 2021–present

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    Commissioners of Yukon

    For more information on territorial politics see: Yukon. Commissioners Term Angélique Bernard 2018 to present Douglas George Phillips 2010-18 Geraldine Van Bibber 2005-10 Jack Cable 2000-05 Judy Gingell 1995-2000 John Kenneth McKinnon 1986-95 Douglas Leslie Dewey Bell 1979-86 Ione Jean Christensen 1979 Frank B. Fingland 1978-79 Arthur MacDonald Pearson 1976-78 James Smith 1966-76 Gordon Robertson Cameron 1962-66 Frederick Howard Collins 1955-62 Wilfred George Brown 1952-55 Frederick Fraser 1951-52 Andrew Harold Gibson 1950-51 John Edward Gibben...

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    Edna Elias

    Elias began her career as an elementary school teacher in Kugluktuk and Arctic Bay in 1980, and at the same time was the head of the language bureau of what was then still a part of the Northwest Territory's Department of Culture and Employment.

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    Frederick Tennyson Congdon

    Frederick Tennyson Congdon, lawyer, politician, commissioner of the Yukon Territory, MP (b at Annapolis, NS 16 Nov 1858; d at Ottawa 13 Mar 1932). Although Congdon was a dynamic speaker and shrewd organizer, his tenure as Yukon Commissioner was characterized by corruption and controversy.

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    George Black

    George Black, lawyer, politician, commissioner of the Yukon Territory, MP (b at Woodstock, NB 10 Apr 1873; d at Vancouver, BC 23 Aug 1965).

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    Helen Mamayaok Maksagak

    Helen Mamayaok Maksagak, CM, politician, public servant, community leader (born 15 April 1931 in Bernard Harbour, NT [NU]; died 23 January 2009 in Cambridge Bay, NU). Maksagak was the first woman and Inuk to serve as the commissioner of the Northwest Territories. A vocal and engaged advocate for Inuit affairs, she contributed to efforts to establish Nunavut as Canada’s third territory in the 1990s. In March of 1999, she was chosen as the first commissioner of the newly created Nunavut territory; her term lasted until March 2000. Maksagak returned to a formal political role in November 2005, when she was appointed deputy commissioner of Nunavut. In addition to her political career, Maksagak performed advocacy work, focusing on Inuit and, more broadly, Indigenous initiatives, such as improving access to social services.

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    Jack Cable

    Ivan John (Jack) Cable, lawyer, politician, Commissioner of the YUKON (b at Hamilton, Ont, 17 Aug 1934).

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    James Hamilton Ross

    James Hamilton Ross, rancher, politician, commissioner of the Yukon T, MP, senator (b at London, Canada W 12 May 1856; d at Victoria 14 Dec 1932).

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    Jody Wilson-Raybould

    Jody Wilson-Raybould (“Puglaas” or “woman born of noble people” or “woman with integrity” in Kwak’wala), politician, lawyer (born 23 March 1971 in Vancouver, BC). Jody Wilson-Raybould is the independent MP for Vancouver Granville. She was federal minister of justice, attorney general and minister of veterans affairs in the government of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Prior to her career in federal politics, she was a BC crown prosecutor, regional chief of the Assembly of First Nations, and member of the BC Treaty Commission. As Canada’s first Indigenous justice minister, Wilson-Raybould introduced groundbreaking legislation, including Bill C-14 on medically assisted dying, C-16 on gender identity and human rights, and C-45, The Cannabis Act. She has helped to build bridges between First Nations communities and the Canadian government and is committed to helping Indigenous peoples seek self-government and gain equality in education, health care and legal rights.

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    John Kenneth McKinnon

    John Kenneth McKinnon, commissioner of the YUKON TERRITORY (b at Winnipeg, Man, 20 April 1936). McKinnon, though born and educated in Manitoba, has been a long-time resident of the Yukon. He was first elected to the Yukon Legislative Assembly in 1961 and was re-elected in 1967, 1970, and 1974.

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    Commissioners of the Northwest Territories

    ​For more information on territorial politics see: Northwest Territories. Commissioners Term Margaret Thom 2017-present George L. Tuccaro 2010-16 Anthony W.J. Whitford 2005-10 Glenna Hansen 2000-05 Daniel Joseph Marion 1999-2000 Helen Maksagak 1995-99 Daniel L. Norris 1989-94 John Havelock Parker 1979-89 Stuart Milton Hodgson 1967-79 Bent G. Sivertz 1963-67 R. Gordon Robertson 1953-63 Hugh A. Young 1950-53 Hugh L. Keenleyside 1947-50 Charles Camsell 1936-46 Hugh H. Rowatt 1931-34 William W. Cory 1919-31 Frederick D. White 1905-19

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