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    Arthur Maxwell House

    Arthur Maxwell House "Max," physician, lieutenant-governor of Newfoundland and Labrador (b at Glovertown, Nfld 1926). House came to the position after an outstanding medical career, imbued with a strong public service ethic.

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    David C. Onley

    David C. Onley, 28th lieutenant-governor of Ontario (2007–14), broadcaster, writer (born 12 June 1950 in Midland, ON; died 14 January 2023). Before his appointment as Ontario's lieutenant-governor, Onley was a successful media personality and advocate for the disabled. Having contracted polio at age three, Onley was partially paralyzed from the neck down. David C. Onley was appointed Ontario's 28th lieutenant-governor on 5 September 2007, succeeding James Bartleman. On 23 September 2014, he was succeeded as lieutenant-governor by Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

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    David Laird

    David Laird, editor, politician, lieutenant-governor, Indian commissioner (b New Glasgow, PEI 12 Mar 1833; d at Ottawa 12 Jan 1914).

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    David Lam

    David See-Chai Lam, OC, CVO, OBC, 25th lieutenant-governor of BC 1988–95, banker, land developer, philanthropist (born 25 July 1923 in Hong Kong; died 22 November 2010 in Vancouver, BC). After establishing himself as a successful banker in Hong Kong, David Lam moved to Vancouver in 1967 and became a central figure in the city’s real estate development. As a philanthropist, he made major contributions to the cultural life, community spaces and educational institutions of British Columbia. A vocal advocate of immigration and of Canada’s role within the Pacific Rim, Lam served as lieutenant-governor of British Columbia from 1988 to 1995. He was the first person of Asian ancestry to hold a vice-regal post in Canada.

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    Donald Stewart Ethell

    Donald Stewart Ethell, colonel, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta (b at Vancouver 23 Jul 1937). Donald Ethell, a distinguished retiree of the ARMED FORCES, became Alberta's 17th Lieutenant Governor in May 2010. Ethell was born and raised on Canada's west coast.

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    Edward Barron Chandler

    Edward Barron Chandler, lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick 1878–80, politician, judge, lawyer (born 22 August 1800 in Amherst, NS; died 6 February 1880 in Fredericton, NB).

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    Edward Moxon Roberts

    Edward Moxon Roberts, lawyer, politician, lieutenant-governor of NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR (b at St John's, Nfld 1 September 1940). Roberts became Newfoundland's lieutenant-governor after balancing a nearly 30-year career in both private practice and public service.

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    Frederick William Russell

    Frederick William Russell, businessman, lieutenant-governor of Nfld (b at St John's, Nfld 10 Sept 1923). Russell was a fighter pilot with the RCAF in WWII and retired as a wing commander. He went into the automotive business in St John's and then expanded into insurance and fishing.

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    George Francis Gillman Stanley

    George Francis Gillman Stanley, historian, educator, lt-gov of NB (b at Calgary, Alta 6 July 1907; d at Sackville, NB, 13 Sept 2002).

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    George Randolph Pearkes

    George Randolph Pearkes, soldier, politician (b at Watford, Eng 26 Feb 1888; d at Victoria 30 May 1984). He immigrated to Canada in 1906, homesteaded in Alberta, and then joined the RN WMP. He enlisted in the 2nd Canadian Mounted

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    Gilbert Finn

    Gilbert Finn, OC, businessman, lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick 1987–1994 (born 3 September 1920 in Inkerman Ferry, NB; died 7 January 2015).

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    Gilbert White Ganong

    Gilbert White Ganong, confectionery manufacturer, politician, lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick 1917 (b at Springfield, NB 22 May 1851; d at St Stephen, NB 31 Oct 1917).

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    Gordon Barnhart

    Gordon L. Barnhart, educator, historian, lieutenant-governor of SASKATCHEWAN (b at Saltcoats, Sask). A respected historian, Gordon Barnhart graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN (U of S) with a Bachelor of Arts (1967).

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    Grant MacEwan

    John Walter Grant MacEwan, author, historian, ​lieutenant-governor of ​Alberta (born in ​Brandon, ​Manitoba on 12 August 1902; died in ​Calgary, Alberta on 15 June 2000).

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    Graydon Nicholas

    Graydon Nicholas, lawyer, lecturer, judge, lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick (b at Tobique, NB 1946 ). Of Maliseet descent, Graydon Nicholas made significant strides in the fields of law and public service.

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