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David Dingwall (Profile)

Forget, for a moment, his reputation as a throwback to the old-style, intensely partisan Ottawa wheeler-dealers. At a little past 8 a.m. on a steel-grey morning, David Dingwall is trying to lighten up. It does not come easily.


David Laird

David Laird, editor, politician, lieutenant-governor, Indian commissioner (b New Glasgow, PEI 12 Mar 1833; d at Ottawa 12 Jan 1914).


David Lewis

In 1950, with CCF prospects dwindling, Lewis practised labour law, though his involvement with the CCF continued. He held a variety of executive positions and helped draft the Winnipeg Declaration of 1956.


Davie Fulton

Edmund Davie Fulton, lawyer, politician, judge (b at Kamloops, BC 10 Mar 1916). Son of an MP and grandson of a former BC premier, he distinguished himself as a Rhodes scholar, MP, Cabinet minister and judge.


Denis Coderre

Denis Coderre, politician, federal cabinet minister, mayor of Montréal 2013–2017 (born 25 July 1963 in Joliette, QC). A federal politician for 16 years, Coderre moved into municipal politics and was elected mayor of Montréal in November 2013. Although credited with cleaning up the city’s administration, Coderre lost the November 2017 election to Valérie Plante, becoming the first Montréal mayor in 57 years to lose after only one term.


Dennis Fentie

In 1996 Dennis Fentie entered territorial politics when he was elected to represent Watson Lake in Yukon's Legislative Assembly as a member of the NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY.


Dennis King

Dennis (Denny) King, 33rd premier of Prince Edward Island (2019–), leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of PEI, journalist, communications specialist, author and storyteller (born 1 November 1971 in Georgetown, PEI). Dennis King was sworn in as premier of Prince Edward Island on 9 May 2019. In the general election of 23 April 2019, King and the Progressive Conservative party won a minority, defeating the incumbent Liberal premier, Wade MacLauchlan. King leads the first minority government in the island province since the provincial election of 1890.


Dennis O'Keefe

Dennis Michael John “Doc” O’Keefe, teacher, municipal politician, mayor of St. John’s 2008–present (born 20 April 1944 in St. John’s, NL). A retired school teacher, and a city council member since 1997, O’Keefe is a consumer-and cruise ship industry-advocate known for his approachability, and his daily walks of the streets of St. John’s.


Don Getty

Donald Ross Getty, athlete, businessman, premier of Alberta 1985–92 (born 30 August 1933 in Westmount, QC; died 26 February 2016 in Edmonton, AB).


Don Iveson

​Donald L. Iveson, university student advocate, journalist, mayor of Edmonton (born 30 May 1979 in St. Albert, AB).


Donald Farquharson

Donald Farquharson, politician, premier of PEI (b at Mermaid, PEI 27 July 1834; d at Charlottetown 26 June 1903). A teacher by training, Farquharson subsequently entered the wholesale and shipping business and in 1876 won election to the PEI Assembly as a Liberal.


Donald Fleming

Donald Methuen Fleming, lawyer, politician (b at Exeter, Ont 23 May 1905; d at Toronto 31 Dec 1986). Minister of finance in the DIEFENBAKER government (1957-62), Fleming is best remembered for his dispute with Bank of Canada Governor James COYNE.


Donald Frank Mazankowski

Donald Frank Mazankowski, politician (b at Viking, Alta 27 July 1935). After a period as president and general manager of an automobile and farm machinery dealership, Mazankowski was elected to the House of Commons as Conservative MP for Vegreville, Alta, in 1968.