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    A. Allison Dysart

    A. Allison Dysart, lawyer, politician, judge, premier of New Brunswick (b at Cocagne, NB 22 Mar 1880; d at Moncton, NB 8 Dec 1962). Educated at Ontario Agricultural Coll, St Joseph's University and Dalhousie, he practised law in Bouctouche.

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    Albert Charles Saunders

    Albert Charles Saunders, lawyer, politician, judge, premier of PEI (b at Summerside, PEI 12 Oct 1874; d there 18 Oct 1943). Saunders, having completed 4 terms as mayor of Summerside, became the Liberal Party leader in 1923, winning the 1927 election by supporting continuing liquor prohibition.

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    Albert Edgar Hickman

    Albert Edgar Hickman, businessman, politician (b at Grand Bank, Nfld 2 Aug 1875; d at St John's 9 Feb 1943). Newfoundland's seventeenth prime minister, he held that office for just 33 days from 10 May to 11 June 1924, the shortest administration in Newfoundland's history.

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    Alex Campbell

    Alexander Bradshaw Campbell, lawyer, politician, premier of PEI 1966-78 (b at Summerside, PEI 1 Dec 1933). In 1966 Campbell became one of the youngest (age 33) premiers ever elected.

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    Alexander Bannerman Warburton

    Alexander Bannerman Warburton, historian, politician, premier of PEI 1897-98 (b at Charlottetown 5 Apr 1852; d there 14 Jan 1929). Warburton practised law in Charlottetown and won election as a Liberal to the provincial legislature in 1891.

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    Alexander Cameron Rutherford

    Alexander Cameron Rutherford, lawyer, politician, premier of Alberta 1905-10 (b near Osgoode, Carleton County, Canada W 2 Feb 1857; d at Edmonton 11 June 1941).

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    Alexander Edmund Batson Davie

    Alexander Edmund Batson Davie, lawyer, politician, premier of British Columbia 1887-89 (b at Wells, Eng 24 Nov 1847; d at Victoria 1 Aug 1889). He immigrated to Vancouver Island in 1862 and was the first person to receive a complete legal education there, being called to the bar in 1873.

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    Alexander Stirling MacMillan

    Alexander Stirling MacMillan, businessman, politician, premier of Nova Scotia 1940-45 (b at Upper South River, NS 31 Oct 1871?; d at Halifax 7 Aug 1955).

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    Alexander Wallace Matheson

    Alexander Wallace Matheson, lawyer, politician, premier of PEI 1953-59 (b at Bellevue, PEI 11 June 1903; d at Charlottetown 3 Mar 1976).

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    Alfred Brian Peckford

    By 1978 exploration companies were using drilling permits from both the Newfoundland and federal governments. His aggressive championing of provincial rights gained widespread public support and enabled him to win his party's leadership in Mar 1979.

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    Alison Redford

    Alison Redford, QC, 14th premier of Alberta 2011–14, politician, lawyer (born 7 March 1965 in Kitimat, BC). After decades of service in international, federal and provincial politics, Redford was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta and acclaimed premier of the province in 2011. She was the first woman to be premier of Alberta and the seventh woman in Canadian history to become the leader of a province or territory.

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    Allan Blakeney

    Recruited by Tommy Douglas in 1950, the Rhodes scholar became one of the CCF government's most valuable civil servants, first as a legal adviser to the province's embattled crown corporations, then as a senior official in the Treasury Dept.

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    Amor de Cosmos

    Amor de Cosmos (né William Alexander Smith), newspaper editor, politician, premier of British Columbia 1872–74 (born 20 August 1825 in Windsor, NS; died 4 July 1897 in Victoria, BC). The leading proponent of Confederation in British Columbia, Amor de Cosmos played a strong role in bringing the province into Confederation. He served as British Columbia’s second premier and as a Member of Parliament. He is often cited as British Columbia’s Father of Confederation.

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    Andrew Blair

    Andrew George Blair, lawyer, politician, premier of NB (b at Fredericton NB 7 Mar 1844; d there 25 Jan 1907). First elected MLA for York in 1878, he became leader of the Opposition in 1879, premier and attorney general in 1883, and molded his coalition into the New Brunswick Liberal Party.

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    Andrew Charles Elliott

    Andrew Charles Elliott, lawyer, judge, politician, premier of British Columbia 1876-78 (b in Ire c 1828; d at San Francisco, Calif 9 Apr 1889).

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