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    Alison Redford

    Alison Redford, QC, 14th premier of Alberta 2011–14, politician, lawyer (born 7 March 1965 in Kitimat, BC). After decades of service in international, federal and provincial politics, Redford was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta and acclaimed premier of the province in 2011. She was the first woman to be premier of Alberta and the seventh woman in Canadian history to become the leader of a province or territory.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/media/234793cd-5f1a-40cb-9c3a-5399d9733e1f.jpg Alison Redford
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    Allan Blakeney

    Recruited by Tommy Douglas in 1950, the Rhodes scholar became one of the CCF government's most valuable civil servants, first as a legal adviser to the province's embattled crown corporations, then as a senior official in the Treasury Dept.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/media/d415616a-e895-4f8f-aede-eca4cea37095.jpg Allan Blakeney
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    Allan Gotlieb

    Allan Ezra Gotlieb, public servant (born 28 February 1928 in Winnipeg, MB; died 18 April 2020 in Toronto, ON

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    Allan MacEachen

    Allan Joseph MacEachen, professor, politician (born 6 July 1921 in Inverness, NS; died 12 September 2017 in Antigonish, NS).

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    Allan Rock

    Allan Michael Rock, P.C., B.A., LL.B., Q.C., lawyer, legal educator, politician (b at Ottawa, Ont 30 August 1947).

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/media/ff1af0b3-a869-4853-86c7-1bd8f73af53a.jpg Allan Rock
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    Allan Studholme

    Allan Studholme, stovemounter, labour leader and politician (b at Drake's Cross, Worcestershire, Eng 8 Dec 1846; d at Hamilton, Ont 20 July 1919).

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    https://development.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/images/tce_placeholder.jpg?v=e9dca980c9bdb3aa11e832e7ea94f5d9 Allan Studholme
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    Alphonse-Télesphore Lépine

    Alphonse-Télesphore Lépine, printer, politician and union activist (born 15 May 1855 in Quebec City, QC; died 19 August 1943 in Montreal, QC). Elected in a by-election in the riding of Montreal East in 1888, he became the first working-class independent member of parliament in the House of Commons. In the House, he promoted a program inspired by the Knights of Labor’s declaration of principles. Throughout Lépine’s political career, his supporters did not hesitate to capitalize on his working-class background and were quick to describe him as a true “self-made man” who owed his success to his love of work.

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    https://development.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/images/tce_placeholder.jpg?v=e9dca980c9bdb3aa11e832e7ea94f5d9 Alphonse-Télesphore Lépine
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    Alphonsus Gregory Duggan

    Alphonsus Gregory Duggan, labour leader (b at Holyrood, Nfld 21 Sept 1884; d at Grand Falls, Nfld 26 July 1970). In 1913 Duggan helped organize Local 63 of the International Pulp, Sulphite and Papermill Workers Union and became its first president.

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    https://development.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/images/tce_placeholder.jpg?v=e9dca980c9bdb3aa11e832e7ea94f5d9 Alphonsus Gregory Duggan
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    Alvin Hamilton

    Francis Alvin George Hamilton, teacher, politician (b at Kenora, Ont 30 Mar 1912). An enthusiastic supporter of the Diefenbaker government's "Northern Vision" and an idea man in Cabinet, Hamilton was also a spokesman for Western agriculture.

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    https://development.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/images/tce_placeholder.jpg?v=e9dca980c9bdb3aa11e832e7ea94f5d9 Alvin Hamilton
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    Alvin Karpis

    Alvin Karpis, gangster (b Albin Karpowicz at Montréal 1908; d at Torremolinos, Spain 26 Aug 1979). Nicknamed Old Creepy, he was among the most notorious of the Depression-era bandits in the US.

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    https://development.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/images/tce_placeholder.jpg?v=e9dca980c9bdb3aa11e832e7ea94f5d9 Alvin Karpis
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    Amanda Todd Case

    Amanda Todd was a 15-year-old high school student who committed suicide on 10 October 2012 after being cyberbullied and sexually extorted. A month before her death, she posted a self-made video on YouTube. She used a series of flashcards to tell her story of online sexual exploitation, and the emotional distress and verbal and physical abuse that followed her in real life. Todd’s video went viral, drawing national and international media attention. It sparked an official police investigation into her suicide. This led to the arrest of a Dutch man on extortion and child pornography charges. It also led the governments of British Columbia and Nova Scotia to pass anti-cyberbullying laws. A federal law that would amend the Criminal Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act was tabled in February 2024.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/Screenshot-2024-05-10-150056.png Amanda Todd Case
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    Amir Khadir

    Khadir, physicist, doctor, activist and politician (born 12 June 1961 in Tehran, Iran). Amir Khadir was spokesperson for Québec solidaire from 2006 to 2013 and the first member of this left-wing political party to be elected to the National Assembly of Québec.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/media/2bd5ac29-a9f9-4699-a146-62e7dced5fd9.jpg Amir Khadir
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    Amor de Cosmos

    Amor de Cosmos (né William Alexander Smith), newspaper editor, politician, premier of British Columbia 1872–74 (born 20 August 1825 in Windsor, NS; died 4 July 1897 in Victoria, BC). The leading proponent of Confederation in British Columbia, Amor de Cosmos played a strong role in bringing the province into Confederation. He served as British Columbia’s second premier and as a Member of Parliament. He is often cited as British Columbia’s Father of Confederation.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/media/e2f10cfd-3eb7-4e72-b585-adc6f0a9d47f.jpg Amor de Cosmos
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    André Nault

    André Nault, Métis leader, farmer, and buffalo hunter (born 20 April 1830 in Point Douglas, Red River Colony [now Winnipeg, MB]; died 17 December 1924 in St Vital, MB). Although a kinsman of Louis Riel and always considered a Métis, Nault was not of mixed blood (his mother and father were French Canadian).

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    https://development.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/images/tce_placeholder.jpg?v=e9dca980c9bdb3aa11e832e7ea94f5d9 André Nault
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    André Siegfried

    André Siegfried, geographer, political commentator (born 21 April 1875 in Le Havre, France; died 28 March 1959 in Paris, France). Preeminent French geographer of his generation, Siegfried is the author of several books about Canada and North America.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/media/e6041840-9029-46bc-8165-34381af24310.jpg André Siegfried