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Jean Cuthand Goodwill

Jean Cuthand Goodwill, OC, nurse, public servant and Indigenous health and education advocate (born 14 August 1928 on the Poundmaker Cree Nation, SK; died 25 August 1997 in Regina, SK). Cuthand Goodwill was one of the first Indigenous registered nurses in Canada. In 1974, she cofounded Indian and Inuit Nurses of Canada (now known as the Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association). She was a lifelong organizer, writer and educator who promoted First Nations health and culture.


Jean Grenier

Jean Grenier, doctor, administrator (b at Québec 18 Jan 1937). In the summer of 1969, this Québec doctor helped establish the renowned Ste Foy SPEED SKATING Club.


Jean-François Gaultier

Jean-François Gaultier, king's physician, naturalist (b at La Croix-Avranchin, France 6 Oct 1708; d at Québec C 10 July 1756). Appointed king's physician of New France, he arrived in Québec in 1742. There he took over M.


Jennie Trout

Jennie (Jenny) Kidd Trout, physician, teacher (born 21 April 1841 in Kelso, Scotland; died 10 November 1921 in Hollywood, California). Trout was the first female physician licensed to practice medicine in Canada. She received her license from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario in 1875.


Jock Murray (Profile)

If Aaron Sorkin doesn't have Jock Murray's number on speed dial, he should. Sorkin, creator of the television hit The West Wing, could learn a thing or two from the Dalhousie University neurologist.


John Alexander Lowden

John Alexander Lowden, "Sandy," pediatrician (b at Toronto 21 Feb 1933). After graduating in medicine from U of T in 1957, Lowden studied for his doctorate at the Montréal Neurological Inst.


John Clarence Webster

John Clarence Webster, physician, historian, nationalist (b at Shediac, NB 21 Oct 1863; d there 16 Mar 1950). Educated in Shediac and at Mount Allison and Edinburgh universities, from 1890 to 1896 he was an assistant instructor at Edinburgh and Berlin.


John Gunion Rutherford

John Gunion Rutherford, veterinarian, administrator (b at Mountain Cross, Scot 25 Dec 1857; d at Ottawa 24 July 1923). A graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College 1879, he practised in Woodstock, Ont, and in the US and Mexico, and settled in Portage la Prairie, Man, 1884.


John Hamm

John Frederick Hamm, premier of Nova Scotia 1999-2006, physician, politician, (born 8 April 1938 in New Glasgow, NS). After a career as a family physician, Hamm moved into provincial politics in 1993 and became premier in 1999 — the first premier in 40 years to balance the province’s budget.


John James Rickard Macleod

John James Rickard Macleod, physiologist, codiscoverer of INSULIN (b at Cluny, Scot 6 Sept 1876; d at Aberdeen, Scot 16 Mar 1935). Trained at the universities of Aberdeen and Leipzig and the London Hospital Medical College, J.J.R.


John Jones Ross

John Jones Ross, physician, politician, premier of Québec 1884-87 (b at Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade, Lower Canada 16 Aug 1833; d there 4 May 1901). A rather dull and uninspiring man, Ross was premier 23 Jan 1884 to 25 Jan 1887.


John Joseph Heagerty

John Joseph Heagerty, physician, public-health official, historian (b at Montréal 26 Dec 1879; d at Ottawa 7 Feb 1946). Entering federal service as a bacteriologist in 1911, Heagerty joined the new Department of Health in 1919 and became director of public-health services in 1938.


John Mackieson

John Mackieson, physician, officeholder (b at Campsie, Scot 16 Oct 1795; d at Charlottetown 27 Aug 1885). A pioneer of the PEI medical profession, Mackieson was most distinguished by his work with the insane.


Jonathan Odell

Jonathan Odell, doctor, clergyman, spy, poet, politician (b at Newark, NJ 25 Sept 1737; d at Fredericton 25 Nov 1818). He was trained in medicine but entered the Church of England ministry.


Joseph Workman

Joseph Workman, psychiatrist, educator (b near Lisburn, Ire 26 May 1805; d at Toronto 15 Apr 1894). He immigrated to Montréal in 1829 and received his MD from McGill in 1835.