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Philip J. Currie

Philip J. Currie, palaeontologist, museum curator (born 13 March 1949 in Brampton, ON). In the early 1980s, Currie played a lead role in the founding of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta. He later became the namesake of another institution, the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, which opened in September 2015 near Grande Prairie, Alberta. Much of Currie’s research has focussed on fossils from Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park and other Cretaceous sites, as well as the evolution of carnivorous dinosaurs and the origin of birds.


Philip Lee

Philip Siu Lun Lee, CM, OM, 24th lieutenant-governor of Manitoba 2009–15, research chemist (born 5 May 1944 in Hong Kong). Lee was installed as 24th lieutenant-governor of Manitoba following 38 years in municipal civil service. Lee was the first person of Asian heritage to be appointed to the vice-regal position in Manitoba and the third Chinese Canadian appointed lieutenant-governor in Canada.


Philip Seeman

Seeman's major scientific discoveries concern the nerve cell receptor for the neurohormone L-dopamine, whose aberrant function is manifest in one or more forms of Parkinsonism.


Philippe Couillard

Philippe Couillard, neurosurgeon and Québec politician (born 26 June 1957 in Montréal, Québec). Philippe Couillard was a highly regarded neurosurgeon before pursuing a career in politics. He was elected to the National Assembly in 2003 and served as Minister of Health and Social Services until 2008. After a hiatus from politics, he was elected leader of the Quebec Liberal Party in March 2013 and premier of Québec in the 7 April 2014 election. However, in the provincial election of 1 October 2018, the Coalition Avenir Québec under François Legault won a majority. Couillard resigned as leader of the party following the election.


Philippe Panneton

Philippe Panneton, pen name Ringuet, physician, professor, diplomat, novelist (b at Trois-Rivières, Qué 30 Apr 1895; d at Lisbon, Portugal 28 Dec 1960).


Philippe Roy

Philippe Roy, physician, diplomat (b at St-François, Qué 1 Feb 1868; d at Ottawa 10 Dec 1948). Educated at Laval, Roy practised medicine in Québec C, and after 1897 in and around Edmonton, where he worked to promote the interests of the FRENCH IN THE WEST.


Phillip Clarke Garratt

Phillip Clarke Garratt, aviator (b at Toronto 13 July 1894; d there 16 Nov 1975). He served in WWI with the Royal Flying Corps, flew as a commercial pilot and joined DE HAVILLAND AIRCRAFT in 1936, where he directed the development of aircraft to operate in the Canadian North (seeBUSH FLYING).


Pierre Deslongchamps

Pierre Deslongchamps, chemist, educator (b at St-Lin, Qué 8 May 1938). He is an international leader in the field of organic synthesis and his work on the stereo-electronic effects operative in many organic processes is widely acclaimed.


Pierre-Esprit Radisson

After the governor of New France punished them for this expedition, the partners went to Boston to arrange a voyage to Hudson Bay. In 1665 they sailed to England, where their plan of bypassing the St Lawrence R to reach the interior fur-producing region found backers.


Pierre-Étienne Fortin

Pierre-Étienne Fortin, politician, surgeon, conservationist (b at Verchères, LC 14 Dec 1823; d at La Prairie, Qué 15 June 1888). After graduating from the Petit Séminaire de Montréal (1841) and McGill College (1845), he practised medicine at GROSSE ÎLE (1847-48).


Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de La Vérendrye

Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de La Vérendrye, military officer, farmer, fur trader, explorer (born at Trois-Rivières, Quebec 17 November 1685; died at Montreal 5 December 1749). The expeditions organized by La Vérendrye and spearheaded by his sons were the first to open the country from Lake Superior to the lower Saskatchewan River and the Missouri River to the French fur trade. La Vérendrye is often portrayed as emblematic of the French-Canadianvoyageur and of French Manitoba in particular.

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