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Reginald Fessenden

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden, electrical engineer (born 6 October 1866 in East Bolton, Canada East; died 22 July 1932 in Hamilton, Bermuda). Fessenden was a pioneer in the field of radio communication. He made the first voice transmission over radio waves. He also laid the foundations of amplitude modulation (AM) and achieved the first two-way radiotelegraphic communication across the Atlantic Ocean. His 1906 transmission of a Christmas concert is considered the first radio broadcast in history. (See also Radio Programming)


Remarkable Indigenous Scientists and Researchers in Canada

Indigenous scientists and researchers in Canada have helped to advance their respective professional fields by posing new questions to seek better ways of thinking, healing and understanding. Many of them have incorporated both Western and Indigenous perspectives and teachings into their important work. In many cases, these individuals have faced discrimination and systemic racism, and persevered. Many have the honour of being the first Indigenous person to graduate and practice in their professional field. This article lists some of the most accomplished Indigenous individuals in Canada who have excelled in the areas of science, research and related fields.


René Pomerleau

René Pomerleau, mycologist and phytopathologist (b at Saint-Ferdinand, Qc, 27 Apr 1904: d at Québec City 11 Oct 1993). After studies in agronomy at Université Laval (1925), he pursued his education at McGill (M.Sc.


Reuben Ewart Stavert

Reuben Ewart Stavert, mine executive (b at Kingston, Jamaica 3 Oct 1893; d at Montréal 19 Nov 1981). Stavert graduated from McGill in 1914 and served in the CEF in WWI. He worked at Canadian General Electric 1919-22; then he joined the British Metal Corp of Canada, of which he was president 1931-34.


Richard Frank Salisbury

Richard Frank Salisbury, anthropologist (b at Chelsea, Eng 8 Dec 1926, d at Montréal, Qué 17 Jun 1989). Educated at Cambridge, Harvard and Australian National University, Salisbury was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1974 for his contributions to Canadian anthropology.


Richard George McConnell

Richard George McConnell, geologist, explorer (b at Chatham, Canada E 26 Mar 1857; d at Ottawa 1 Apr 1942). In 1879 he graduated from McGill and began working for the GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA in Québec.


Richard Hearn

Richard Lankaster Hearn, civil engineer, administrator, nuclear power pioneer (b at Toronto 18 May 1890; d there 24 May 1987).


Richard Keith Downey

Richard Keith Downey, scientist, plant breeder (b at Saskatoon 26 Jan 1927). Educated at University of Saskatchewan and Cornell, he has been employed at Agriculture Canada research stations in Lethbridge, Alberta from 1951-57 and


Roald Amundsen

   Roald Amundsen, arctic explorer (b at Sarpsborg, Norway 16 July 1872; d between Norway and Spitsbergen 18 June 1928). Amundsen went to sea as a young man. Determined to navigate the NORTHWEST PASSAGE, he purchased the Gjoa, readied it for arctic waters and embarked in 1903.