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    Edith and Cyril Berkeley

    Edith Berkeley, née Dunington, biologist (b at Tulbagh, S Africa 6 Sept 1875; d at Nanaimo, BC 25 Feb 1963) and Cyril, chemist (b at London, Eng 2 Dec 1878; d at Nanaimo, BC, 25 Aug 1973).

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    Edmund Murton Walker

    Edmund Murton Walker, entomologist (b at Windsor, Ont 5 Oct 1877; d at Toronto 14 Feb 1969).

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    Édouard-André Barnard

    Édouard-André Barnard, agronomist and journalist (b at Trois-Rivières, Qué 30 Sept 1835; d at Varennes, Qué 19 Aug 1898). An important Québec agronomist in the second half of the 19th century, Barnard had abandoned his studies early to go into trade.

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    Édouard Montpetit

    Édouard Montpetit, MSRC, lawyer, economist, professor, intellectual (born 26 September 1881 in Montmagny, QC; died 27 March 1954 in Montreal, QC). A key advocate of the modernization of French Canada through the dissemination of the principles of political economy, he championed national traditions against those who believed that they only hampered the progress of the nation. In doing so, he achieved the rare feat of appealing to all audiences.

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    Édouard-Zotique Massicotte

    Édouard-Zotique Massicotte (pseudonyms: Blondel, Cabrette, Mistigri). Folklorist, historian, archivist, poet, dramatist, botanist, b Montreal 24 Dec 1867, d there 8 Nov 1947; LL B (Laval) 1895, honorary D LITT (Montreal) 1936.

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    Edward A. Watson

    Edward A. Watson, veterinarian, pathologist, researcher (b in Devon, Eng 2 Jan 1879; d at Victoria 12 Mar 1945). He came to Canada in 1896 and, with a brother, homesteaded in Saskatchewan.

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    Edward Dagge Worthington

    Edward Dagge Worthington, physician (b at Ballinakill, Ire 1 Dec 1820; d at Sherbrooke, Qué 25 Feb 1895). In 1847 Worthington pioneered the use of general anesthesia in Canada.

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    Edward Ernest Prince

    Edward Ernest Prince, fisheries biologist (b at Leeds, Eng 23 May 1858; d 10 Oct 1936). Educated at St Andrews, Cambridge and Edinburgh universities, Prince was a disciple of W.C. McIntosh of St Andrews, a leading fishery scientist. In 1893 he was appointed commissioner of fisheries.

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    Edward Kielley

    Edward Kielley (or Kielly), surgeon, naval officer (b at St John's c 1790; d there 8 Mar 1855).

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    Edward Lloyd Bousfield

    Edward Lloyd Bousfield, invertebrate zoologist (b at Penticton, BC 19 Jun 1926).

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    Edward Samuel Rogers

    His alternating-current radio tube, perfected in 1925, revolutionized the home radio-receiver industry throughout the world.

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    Edward Sapir

    Edward Sapir, anthropologist, linguist, essayist (born 26 January 1884 in Lauenburg, Germany; died 4 February 1939 in New Haven, Connecticut).

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    Edward William Archibald

    Edward William Archibald, surgeon, scientist, educator (b at Montréal 5 Aug 1872; d there 17 Dec 1945).

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    Eli Franklin Burton

    Eli Franklin Burton, physicist (b at Green R, Ont 14 Feb 1879; d at Toronto 6 July 1948). Educated at U of T and Cambridge, Burton spent his whole career at U of T, succeeding J.C. McLennan as head of the physics department in

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    Elijah McCoy

    Elijah McCoy, engineer, inventor (born 2 May 1843 or 1844 in Colchester, Canada West; died 10 October 1929 in Wayne County, Michigan.) McCoy was an African-Canadian mechanical engineer and inventor best known for his groundbreaking innovations in industrial lubrication.

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