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    Charles Hastings

    Charles John Colwell Orr Hastings, obstetrician, medical officer of health (b in Markham Township, Canada W 23 Aug 1858; d at Toronto 17 Jan 1931).

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    Charles Kirk Clarke

    Charles Kirk Clarke, psychiatrist, educator (b at Elora, Canada W 16 Feb 1857; d at Toronto 20 Jan 1924).

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    Charles Lightfoot Roman

    Charles Lightfoot Roman, MD, CM, surgeon, author, researcher, lecturer (born 19 May 1889 in Port Elgin, ON; died 8 June 1961 in Valleyfield, QC). Charles Lightfoot Roman was one of the first Black Canadians to graduate from McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine and became a recognized expert in industrial medicine. He was also one of the first Black Canadians to enlist for service in the First World War and was the only known Black person to serve with the Canadian General Hospital No. 3 (McGill). Lightfoot Roman was also likely the first Black Grand Master of a traditional Masonic lodge.

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    Charles Mortram Sternberg

    Charles Mortram Sternberg, palaeontologist (b at Lawrence, Kansas 18 Sept 1885; d at Ottawa 8 Sept 1981).

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    Charles Philippe Leblond

    Charles Philippe Leblond, anatomist, cell biologist (born at Lille, France 5 Feb 1910; died at Montréal, 10 Apr 2007).

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    Charles Sherwood Noble

    Charles Sherwood Noble, agriculturist, industrialist (b at State Centre, Iowa 16 May 1873; d at Lethbridge, Alta 5 July 1957). He developed the Noble Blade, a cultivator that gave dryland farmers everywhere their first sure method of protecting soil from wind erosion.

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    Charles Smallwood

    Charles Smallwood, physician, professor of meteorology, founder of the McGill Observatory (b at Birmingham, Eng 1812; d at Montréal 22 Dec 1873). Arriving in Montréal in 1833, he later set up medical practice in St-Martin.

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    Charles Victor Roman

    Dr. Charles Victor Roman, surgeon, professor, author, editor, philosopher, civil rights activist (born 4 July 1864 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania; died 25 August 1934 in Nashville, Tennessee). Charles Roman was raised in Dundas, Ontario, and was the first Black person to graduate from Hamilton Collegiate Institute in Hamilton, ON. After a tragic accident in his teenage years, he went on to establish himself as an internationally respected surgeon and educator; he also wrote and edited several books and periodicals and was frequently called upon as a keynote speaker. Roman used the Canada–US border as a gateway to opportunity both north and south of the line. He is an example of a true "African North American," one of many individuals of African descent who crossed and recrossed the border separating the two countries between 1850 and 1930.

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    Edith Monture

    Charlotte Edith Anderson Monture (often known simply as Edith Monture), Kanyen’kehà:ka (Mohawk) First World War veteran, registered nurse, (born 10 April 1890 on Six Nations reserve near Brantford, ON; died 3 April 1996 in Ohsweken, ON). Edith Monture was the first Indigenous woman to become a registered nurse in Canada and to gain the right to vote in a Canadian federal election. She was also the first Indigenous woman from Canada to serve in the United States military. Edith broke barriers for Indigenous women in the armed forces and with regards to federal voting rights. A street (Edith Monture Avenue) and park (Edith Monture Park) are named after her in Brantford, Ontario.

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    Chris Hadfield

    Chris Austin Hadfield, OC, OOnt, astronaut, military test pilot (born 29 August 1959 in Sarnia, ON). After a distinguished career as a test pilot, Hadfield became an astronaut in 1992. Over the course of his career, he achieved a series of Canadian firsts: he was the first Canadian to be a space mission specialist, to operate the Canadarm in orbit, to do a spacewalk and to command the International Space Station. He was also the first to record a music video in space — a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” — adding to his celebrity status. Hadfield retired from the Canadian Astronaut Corps in July 2013. In 2014, he began teaching in the University of Waterloo’s aviation program.

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    Chris Hadfield in conversation with Charlie Gillis

    The view from a million feet away, his love for two frozen nations—and his fear of heightsThis article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on October 14, 2013

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    Christopher John Raymond Garrett

    Christopher John Raymond Garrett, physical oceanographer (b at Bude, Eng 30 July 1943). Educated at Cambridge, he joined the department of oceanography at Dalhousie University in 1971. Known for his early work with W.H.

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    Christopher Widmer

    Christopher Widmer, surgeon, medical educator, medical administrator (b at High Wycombe, Eng 15 May 1780, d at Toronto 3 May 1858). Widmer was a dominant figure in Upper Canadian medicine from the 1820s almost until his death.

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    Clara Benson

    Clara Cynthia Benson, professor of chemistry (born in 1875 in Port Hope, ON; died 24 March 1964 in Port Hope). In 1899, Benson became the first woman to graduate in chemistry from the University of Toronto. In 1903, she became one of the first two women awarded a PhD at the university. After graduating with her doctorate, she worked at the University of Toronto’s Lillian Massey School of Domestic Science, becoming one of the university’s first female professors in 1920. (See also Home Economics.) A capable teacher who stimulated research and was a friend to her students, Benson taught at the school until her retirement in 1945. The Benson Building at the University of Toronto was named in recognition of her efforts to obtain better athletic facilities for women students. (See also: The History of Canadian Women in Sport; Women and Sport.)

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    Clarence Augustus Chant

    Clarence Augustus Chant, professor of astrophysics (b at Hagerman's Corners, Ont 31 May 1865; d at Observatory House, Richmond Hill, Ont 18 Nov 1956). He is often called the "father of Canadian astronomy" because he trained so many young astronomers.

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