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Music at University of Windsor

University of Windsor. Founded in 1857 at Windsor, Ont, as Assumption College (Roman Catholic). It became a university in 1953 and was granted incorporation as the non-denominational University of Windsor in 1963, affiliating at the same time with Essex College.


Music at Western University

The Faculty of Music at Western University (known legally as the University of Western Ontario) offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Located in London, Ontario, it is one of the largest music schools in Canada.


Music at York University

York University. Non-denominational Toronto institution offering a range of part-time and full-time undergraduate and graduate degree programs and non-degree courses. It was founded in 1959 and accepted its first students in 1960. Its first campus - Glendon - opened in 1961.


Schola cantorum

Schola cantorum. Founded in Montreal 19 Mar 1915 by Jean-Noël Charbonneau. It was inaugurated 15 September as the Diocesan School of Sacred Music by Archbishop Georges Gauthier of Montreal. Its first individual and group lessons were attended by 84 students.


Toronto College of Music

Toronto College of Music. One of three music schools to open in Toronto during the 1880s - the others being the TCM(RCMT) and the Metropolitan School of Music. The college was founded in 1888 by F.H. Torrington and by 1890 had 400 students and a faculty of about 50.