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    Massey Hall

    Known as “Canada’s Carnegie Hall,” Massey Hall is Canada’s oldest and most venerated concert hall. It opened in 1894 and was the home of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir until 1982. The site of many historic events and performances, it has been repeatedly voted Canada’s best live music venue over 1,500 seats and venue of the year by Canadian music industry associations. It is a National Historic Site and a heritage site in the City of Toronto. It was closed between 2 July 2018 and 24 November 2021 to allow for a $184-million renovation.

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    McCord Stewart Museum

    The McCord Stewart Museum is one of the few museums in Canada dedicated to the study of social history. Initially opened as the McCord National Museum in 1921, it closed to the public during the Great Depression. It reopened in McGill University’s old Student Union Building in downtown Montreal in 1971. It merged with the Stewart Museum in 2013 and absorbed the Fashion Museum in 2018. The McCord Stewart Museum was originally created to house the extensive collection of Canadiana amassed by David Ross McCord. The museum holds an estimated 2.1 million items, including objects, images and manuscripts.

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    Music in Medicine Hat

    City of almost 43,000 on the South Saskatchewan River in Southern Alberta. With the arrival of the CPR in 1883, the city became the major commercial centre of the area.

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    Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia

    the mixed-up chameleon from The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites (photo by Margo Ellen Gesser, courtesy Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia). Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia The Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia was established in Wolfville, NS, in 1972 (after a 1971 summer trial funded through the Opportunities for Youth programme) by Evelyn Garbary, advisor, Tom Miller, artistic director, and Sara Lee Lewis, business manager, to bring live puppet drama to young...

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    Music in Moncton

    New Brunswick city originally known as LeCoude and first settled in 1750 by Acadians. The Acadians were dispersed in 1758 but returned in sufficient numbers to constitute a fundamental segment of the Moncton community.

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    Music in Montréal

    Montreal, Quebec is a city located on the island of the same name at the junction of the St Lawrence and Ottawa rivers in the province of Québec. The island is one of a cluster that also includes Ile Jésus (which became part of the city of Laval in 1965) and the islands of Bizard and Perrot.

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    Music at Mount Allison University

    Mount Allison Ladies' College instituted a music program at its inception. In 1874 its first certificates in music, both in piano, were awarded to Ravinia Stewart and Alma Hickman.

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    Music at Acadia University

    Acadia University. Non-denominational, predominantly undergraduate institution in Wolfville, NS, with some graduate programs at the master's level (not in music).

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    Music at Bishop's University

    Bishop's University. Founded in 1843 in Lennoxville, near Sherbrooke, Que, by George Jehoshaphat Mountain, the third Anglican bishop of Quebec, as a liberal arts college. Its foundation was ratified by an act of the Quebec Legislative Assembly.

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    Music at Brandon University

    When the Dept of Music was founded in 1906, it offered only conservatory-type instruction under the direction of Abbie Helmer Vining (1906-7). W.L. Wright, afterfour years' study in Berlin with Leopold Godowsky, took over in 1907 and remained director until 1947.

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    Music at Brock University

    Brock University. Non-denominational university founded in St Catharines, Ont, in 1964 with undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, sciences, education, and administration.

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    Music at Canadian Mennonite Bible College

    Canadian Mennonite Bible College (Canadian Mennonite University beginning 1998). School of theology, liberal arts, and music, founded in 1947 in Winnipeg by the Conference of Mennonites in Canada.

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    Music at Carleton University

    Carleton University's music department was founded in 1967 with John Churchill (b London, 29 May 1920, d Sidbury, England, 1 Dec 1996) as its first chair.

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    Music at CEGEPs

    CEGEPs (Collèges d'enseignement général et professionel) have supplanted a whole stratum of autonomous schools and colleges.

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    Music at Classical Colleges and Seminaries in Quebec

    Classical colleges and seminaries in Quebec. Teaching institutions run by Roman Catholic religious communities providing a program of studies termed 'classical'.

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