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Music at Sharon

Music at Sharon. Annual summer concert series at the Temple of the Children of Peace at Sharon, near Newmarket, Ontario, presented 1981-90 under the auspices of the York Pioneer and Historical Society.


Music at Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University. Non-denominational university founded in Burnaby, BC, in 1963, with undergraduate and graduate programs operating on a year-round tri-semester schedule. It was named after Simon Fraser (explorer, fur trader, 1776-1862), who gave his name to the Fraser River.


Music at Trent University

Trent University. Non-denominational, predominantly undergraduate institution in Peterborough, Ont, with some graduate programs at the master's and doctoral levels. Trent University was opened officially in 1964 by the governor general, Georges Vanier.


Music at University of Calgary

University of Calgary. Non-denominational institution founded in 1945 as the Calgary branch of the University of Alberta and granted autonomy as the University of Calgary in 1966. It has developed a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.


Music at University of Guelph

University of Guelph. Founded at Guelph, Ont, in 1964 as a non-denominational graduate and undergraduate institution incorporating the Ontario Veterinary College (founded 1862), the Ontario Agricultural College (1874), and the Macdonald Institute (1903).