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Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum owes its existence in large part to the vision of two remarkable men. The first, Charles Trick Currelly (1876-1957), was born at Exeter Ontario and originally trained as a Methodist minister at the University of Toronto.


Saint Joseph's Oratory

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal is a minor basilica of the Roman Catholic Church. The Oratory is located on the northwestern slope of Mount Royal in the city of Montreal. (See also Côte-des-Neiges.) It is the tallest church in Canada and one of the largest domed structures in the world. The Oratory is an important landmark and symbol of Montreal, as well as a tourist attraction. Pilgrims come to visit it from all corners of the world. It attracts about 2 million visitors every year.


Science Centres

Canada is home to more than 40 science centres, planetariums, children's museums and related institutions that have been established to advance scientific literacy by making science learning fun and accessible.


Security Improved at 24 Sussex

Some things will have changed around the house by the time Prime Minister Jean Chrétien returns home to Ottawa on Nov. 19 from the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in New Zealand and his other travels in Asia.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on November 20, 1995


Séminaire de Québec

Séminaire de Québec, an educational institution consisting of the Grand Séminaire and the Petit Séminaire. The former, fd 26 Mar 1663 by Mgr François de LAVAL, was to train priests and guarantee parish ministries and evangelization throughout the diocese. In 1665 it was affiliated with the Séminaire des Missions Étrangères de Paris.


Shaftesbury Hall

Shaftesbury Hall. The auditorium in Toronto's first YMCA, built at Queen and James streets in 1872 to designs by the architects Smith and Gemmel. The hall was on the ground floor with a direct entrance from the street, a double gallery, and a seating capacity of about 1700.


Shand House

Shand House in WINDSOR, NS, is an ornate Victorian residence built by Clifford and Henrie Shand in 1890 as a family home. Clifford Shand was a noted bicycle racer and the son of a Windsor furniture manufacturer, and the interior of the house reflects this association with fine woodworking.


Signal Hill

Signal Hill, overlooking the harbour of St John's, Nfld, was for many years the centre of the town's defences.



A skyscraper, simply put, is a building of well-above-average height with useable storeys and a self-supporting skeleton structure. There is no fixed height at which buildings qualify, but those less than about 40 metres (130 feet) or 10 storeys have historically not been considered skyscrapers.


Smith House

 Architect Arthur ERICKSON designed the house for artists Gordon and Marion Smith. It sums up a period in West Coast modernist architecture of experimentation with open plans and visual and physical interpenetration of indoors and outdoors.