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W.R. Draper Company

W.R. Draper Company. Toronto lithographers, in the 1980s the largest music-printing establishment in Canada. The company was established around the turn of the century by William R. Draper (b ca 1861, d Toronto autumn 1921).


Youpe! Youpe! Sur la rivière!

'Youpe! Youpe! Sur la rivière!' Folksong adapted by Quebec lumberjacks from another song, 'Le P'tit Bois d'l'ail.' The words 'Youpe! Youpe! Sur la rivière,' which form the typically Canadian refrain, are not found in 'Le P'tit Bois d'l'ail,' since it has no refrain.


Youth Orchestras

Canadian youth orchestras fall into three main categories: those attached to public and private schools (including universities, colleges, conservatories, and camps); those connected to and supported by adult community or professional orchestras; and those which represent a city or region and are a young counterpart of the community orchestras. Among the earliest youth orchestras in Canada were the Manitoba Schools' Orchestra (Greater Winnipeg Schools' Orchestra), founded in 1923, the Mount Royal College (Calgary) Junior Orchestra...