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    Canadian Tax Foundation

    Canadian Tax Foundation, a nonprofit research and publishing organization that sponsors studies and conferences on taxation and public-finance issues.

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    Canadians Underwhelmed by Tax Cuts

    When it comes to taking care of personal finances, Bohdan Dolban, 32, and his wife, Mary, 35, are about as good as it gets. His job as a sales representative for a Toronto packaging company and hers as a systems analyst give them a family income of about $85,000, and every cent is put to good use.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on March 13, 2000

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    Capitalism in Canada

    Capitalism is an economic system in which private owners control a country’s trade and business sector for their personal profit. It contrasts with communism, in which property effectively belongs to the state (see also Marxism). Canada has a “mixed” economy, positioned between these extremes. The three levels of government decide how to allocate much of the country’s wealth through taxing and spending.

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    Carbon Pricing in Canada

    Carbon pricing refers to a cost that is imposed on the combustion of fossil fuels used by industry and consumers. Pricing can be set either directly through a carbon tax or indirectly through a cap-and-trade market system. A price on carbon is intended to capture the public costs of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and shift the burden for damage back to the original emitters, compelling them to reduce emissions. In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a national climate change policy that includes a system of carbon pricing across Canada. Provinces can either create their own systems to meet federal requirements or have a federal carbon tax imposed on them. Nine provinces and territories have their own carbon pricing plans that meet federal requirements. Ottawa has imposed its own carbon tax in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

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    Customs and Excise

    Customs and excise, taxes on goods, are one of the world's oldest sources of government revenue. Customs duties are applied on imported products while excise duties and taxes are generally applied on goods of domestic manufacture, notably liquor and tobacco.

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  • Macleans

    GST Harmonized in Atlantic

    Frank McKenna had a big smile on his face, and a new spin on a familiar sales pitch. In a national newspaper advertisement that appeared late last week, the New Brunswick premier told readers across the country that "the best place in Canada to do business keeps getting better and better.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on May 6, 1996

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  • Macleans

    Martin on Taxes

    For Finance Minister Paul Martin, the question is not whether taxes should be cut, but by how much and how quickly.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on April 12, 1999

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    Municipal Finance

    Municipal finance is concerned with the revenues and expenditures of municipalities. Revenues are secured from local taxes (see TAXATION) and other local revenues and from provincial and federal grants.

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    Royal Commission on Taxation

    Taxation, Royal Commission on, under Kenneth Carter, appointed (1962) by PM John Diefenbaker to examine and to recommend improvements to the entire federal TAXATION system.

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