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    Moosehead Breweries Ltd.

    Moosehead Breweries Limited, the maker of Moosehead Canadian Lager, is the oldest family-owned brewing company in Canada. Located in Saint John, New Brunswick, the company has been family owned and controlled for six generations and is currently led by founders Susannah and John Oland’s great-great-great grandson, Andrew Oland. Moosehead is the fourth-largest brewing company in Canada — after Molson, Labatt and Sleeman — and the last major brewery to be owned by Canadians. Moosehead beer is sold throughout Canada, in many locations in the United States, and in 15 countries around the world. The company brews 19 beers under 10 brands, including its mainstay Moosehead Canadian Lager, as well as James Ready, Alpine and Hop City. It also contract brews for six companies, including Samuel Adams, from the United States, and Estrella Damm, from Spain. Moosehead is a privately owned company and does not disclose its financial information; however, in 2018, market researchers estimated the company held as high as 3.8 per cent of the Canadian beer market and would generate $247.1 million in revenue.

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    Morris Pianos Ltd

    Morris Pianos, Ltd. Established in 1892 by three businessmen in Listowel, northwest of Waterloo, Ont, as Morris, Feild, Rogers Co, Ltd. Described in Industrial Canada, February 1904, as successor to the Brantford Piano Co, it produced pianos, piano cases, and piano and organ keyboard blanks.

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    A Mortgageis a legal paper in which borrowers agree to surrender their property to a lender if they do not pay back the money they owe, with INTEREST.

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    Mountain Equipment Co-op (Profile)

    This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on April 29, 2002. Partner content is not updated. In the Flower Power era of 1971, a bunch of University of British Columbia students, who'd rather have been playing outside, decided to start a business.

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    Mouvement Desjardins (Desjardins Group)

    Le Mouvement Desjardins is known in English as the Desjardins Group. It is one of Canada's biggest financial groups that grew out of the CAISSES POPULAIRES established by Alphonse DESJARDINS in 1900.

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    Movement of Dangerous Goods

    Some materials and products that move by rail, ship, air or highway within Canada or across our national boundaries are classified as dangerous goods because they are flammable, explosive, toxic or potentially harmful to people or the ENVIRONMENT. Until 1985 their movement was not well regulated.

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    Multinational Corporation

    A multinational corporation consists of incorporated and unincorporated enterprises comprising parent enterprises and their foreign affiliates. The parent and each of the affiliates are established under the laws and practices of the countries where they are located.

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    Municipal Finance

    Municipal finance is concerned with the revenues and expenditures of municipalities. Revenues are secured from local taxes (see TAXATION) and other local revenues and from provincial and federal grants.

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    Municipal Loan Fund

     The Municipal Loan fund, established 10 November 1852 in Canada West, was created largely by Francis HINCKS, co-premier of the Province of Canada, whose government's central policy was railway development.

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    Musgrave. Toronto music dealer and publisher, located in the Yonge St Arcade. The business was opened in 1909 by the brothers Charles E. and George A. Musgrave; about 1914 it was briefly A.L.E. Davies and Musgrave Brothers; after 1926 it was run as Charles E. Musgrave & Son (Edward C.

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    Music Canada Sales Certifications

    On 1 January 1975, the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) — which was founded as the Canadian Record Manufacturer’s Association in 1964 and renamed Music Canada in 2011 — began certifying sales of singles and albums in Canada.

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    Music industries

    Music industries. While it is common speak in the singular of the music industry, especially in reference to popular music, music is in fact central to a number of different industries, each of which derives revenues from music in distinct ways.

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    Music Publishing

    The earliest music printing and publishing in Canada was undertaken by newspaper and book publishers rather than music companies.

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    Mutual Aid

    Mutual Aid is the principal economic means by which Canada assisted its allies with food, raw materials and munitions from May 1943 until the end of WORLD WAR II. The Mutual Aid Board, chaired by C.D.

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    Mutual Funds

    An investment company may have many different mutual funds, each fund possessing different objectives and asset classes. The objectives, trading activity and asset classes of mutual funds vary widely but must be clearly stated to the investing public in a fund's prospectus.

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