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    Canadian Association of Music Libraries/Association canadienne des bibliothèques musicales

    Canadian Association of Music Libraries (CAML)/Association canadienne des bibliothèques musicales (ACBM). The Canadian branch of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML).

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    Canadian Music Educators' Association

    The Canadian Music Educators' Association (CMEA)/Association canadienne des musiciens éducateurs (ACME) is a national organization central to the network of provincial music educators' associations.

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    Canadian Music Library Association/Association canadienne des bibliothèques musicales

    Canadian Music Library Association (CMLA)/Association canadienne des bibliothèques musicales (ACBM). Founded in 1956 as a section of the Canadian Library Association, to establish contact between music librarians and carry out projects of interest to them.

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    Celebrating Thirty Years of the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada

    The following is an abridged excerpt from Unheard Of: Memoirs of a Canadian Composer by John Beckwith. (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Waterloo, Ontario. February 2012) When Helmut Kallmann's A History of Music in Canada 1534-1914 appeared in 1960, nothing half as thorough or as finely documented had ever been produced, either in English or in French, on this topic. When I asked what he planned to do for an encore, he thought his findings suggested two directions: an alphabetically organized dictionary about music and musical life in Canada; or a scholarly edition, probably in several volumes, preserving the most significant published music of the country’s past. This prediction amounted to an outline of his work on the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada.

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    Dominion College of Music/Collège de musique Dominion

    Dominion College of Music/Collège de musique Dominion. Founded in Montreal in 1894 by J. Edgar Birch, Percival J. Illsley, and Horace Reyner, among others, it was incorporated in 1895 and became affiliated the same year with Bishop's University.

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    École de musique Jocelyne Laberge

    École de musique Jocelyne Laberge. Music school founded in 1978 in Châteauguay, south of Montréal, by Jocelyne Laberge (born 9 May 1930 in Montréal, QC; died 25 November 2015 in Candiac, QC).

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    École normale de musique

    École normale de musique. Conservatory and teacher-training institution founded in 1926. It formed part of the Institut pédagogique of Westmount (Montreal), run by the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame.

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    Encyclopedia of Music in Canada

    The Encyclopedia of Music in Canada was the first music encyclopedia published in Canada. It comprises more than 3,100 articles and 500 illustrations. It includes biographies of Canadian musicians and histories of music organizations in Canada. Topics that are covered include Inuit music, piano building, awards, education, instrument collections, folk music, the music scenes in Canadian cities and Canada's musical relations with other national cultures. Bibliographies, discographies and lists of compositions are included. Because of its role in documenting Canada's musical history, the EMC is a standard reference work for schools, libraries and musicians.

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    Jean Lyons School of Music

    Jean Lyons School of Music. Teaching academy in piano and theory, established in Vancouver in 1963 by the pianist and teacher Jean Lyons.

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    Kelly Kirby Piano Method

    Kelly Kirby Piano Method. Also known as the Kelly Kirby Kindergarten Method and the Kelly Kirby Introductory Piano Program, this method is a system of teaching piano, musical rudiments, and theory to young beginners ages 3 to 5.

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    École des Petits Violons

    School founded in Montreal in 1965 by Jean Cousineau.

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    Music Degrees

    Degrees. Academic titles conferred upon individuals by universities and colleges to recognize the successful completion of particular programs of study set by those institutions, or (as honorary degrees) to recognize outstanding achievement in the arts, sciences, or humanities.

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    Music Diplomas

    Diplomas. Documents certifying the successful passing of examinations.

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    Music Education

    Music education in Canada has progressed from rustic beginnings in the colonial period to the present time when music training is available both for amateurs and professionals, and, indeed, is an increasingly important facet of general education.

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    Music Education Research

    Music education research. The disciplined inquiry into the learning and teaching of music. The various modes of inquiry - descriptive, experimental, historical, and philosophical - are determined to a great extent by the methodologies and techniques employed.

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