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    Educational Opportunity

    Prior to the emergence of compulsory public elementary schooling early in the 19th century, educational opportunities in western European societies were generally grounded in the experiences of particular social classes.

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    Caroline Pignat’s Egghead (2008) is a young adult novel that details the effects of bullying through the eyes of three junior high school students. The novel has been lauded for its sensitive portrayal of multiple perspectives of the causes and effects of bullying. Egghead was shortlisted for numerous prizes, including the Ontario Library Association’s Red Maple award, the Saskatchewan Young Reader’s Association Snow Willow Award and the Canadian Library Association’s Young Adult Book of the Year award. 

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    Emily Carr University of Art and Design

    Emily Carr University of Art and Design is the only post-secondary institution in British Columbia offering a program of study that is focused exclusively on arts, media and design. Based in a custom-built campus in Vancouver that opened in 2017, Emily Carr University has been at the forefront of exploring the use of digital technologies in art and design in the 21st century.

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    Encounters with Canada

    Encounters with Canada, the country’s largest youth forum, brings 3,200 youth to Ottawa every year for a week to learn about national history, culture and institutions. Encounters is a program of the not-for-profit heritage organization Historica Canada.

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    Encyclopedia of Music in Canada

    The Encyclopedia of Music in Canada was the first music encyclopedia published in Canada. It comprises more than 3,100 articles and 500 illustrations. It includes biographies of Canadian musicians and histories of music organizations in Canada. Topics that are covered include Inuit music, piano building, awards, education, instrument collections, folk music, the music scenes in Canadian cities and Canada's musical relations with other national cultures. Bibliographies, discographies and lists of compositions are included. Because of its role in documenting Canada's musical history, the EMC is a standard reference work for schools, libraries and musicians.

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    Fake News (a.k.a. Disinformation) in Canada

    Fake news is falsified information created with the intent of misleading people. It aims to shape public opinion by eliciting an emotional and biased response that is divorced from facts but in alignment with a particular ideology or perspective. Fake news can effectively weaponize information. It uses disinformation, misinformation or mal-information to demonize or damage a political foe, or to sow confusion and mistrust among the public. Fake news came to the fore of public consciousness during and immediately after the 2016 US presidential election, though its origins date back much further.

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    Fanshawe College

    Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology. Community college founded in London, Ont, in 1967. In 1964, the provincial government created Ontario Vocational Centres with a mandate of providing specialized training in technical, arts, and social science based fields.

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    Financial Aid to Students

    Some form of financial support to needy post-secondary students has been available in Canada for many years. Until 1939 this primarily took the form of privately funded assistance from universities and colleges to students with high scholastic achievement.

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    First Nations University of Canada

    First established in 1976 as the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, the First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) is the only university-college in Canada controlled by First Nations.

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    Forbidden City

    William Bell’s historical novel Forbidden City (1990) tells the story of Alex, a teenager who accompanies his father on a trip to Beijing, China. Alex’s initial excitement at exploring the history of the city turns to horror when he becomes trapped near the Forbidden City during the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The most popular novel of Bell’s career, Forbidden City was published in 11 countries and eight languages. Reviewers praised its depiction of the on-the-ground reality of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The novel received Ontario’s Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Award, the Ontario School Librarians Association Award and the Belgium Award for Excellence.

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    Forestry Education

    Throughout the late 1980s and the 1990s, there was a tremendous evolution of FORESTRY in Canada and around the world. Forestry became increasingly important for both the ECONOMY and the ENVIRONMENT, and the practice of forestry became more complex.

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    Frontier Thesis

    The Frontier thesis was formulated 1893, when American historian Frederick Jackson Turner theorized that the availability of unsettled land throughout much of American history was the most important factor determining national development.

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    HEC Montréal

    HEC Montréal (formerly École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal), Canada’s first business school, was founded in 1907. Today, the school welcomes over 13,000 students and trains more than 8,000 executives and managers every year.

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    Hi-Tech Education Controversy

    The handsome redbrick building, its flag snapping in the breeze, looks every bit the traditional schoolhouse.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on August 26, 1996

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    High School (Secondary School)

    The term "high school" applies to the academic institution that follows elementary school. The term "secondary school" is often used as an alternative term. High schools prepare students for post-secondary education and training or employment after graduation.

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