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John Kinder Labatt

John Kinder Labatt, farmer, brewer (b at Mountmellick, Ire 1803; d at London, Canada W 26 Oct 1866). Descended from French Huguenot exiles who had become Anglican, he emigrated from Ireland to England and thence to Upper Canada in 1833 with his wife.


John Labatt

John Labatt, brewer, entrepreneur (b in Westminster Twp, Middlesex County, Upper Canada 11 Dec 1838; d at London, Ont 27 Apr 1915). Third son of John Kinder LABATT, he was educated at Caradoc Academy and secondary school in London.


John Lovell

Lovell, John. Printer, publisher, b Bandon, County Cork, Ireland, 4 Aug 1810, d Montreal 1 Jul 1893. He arrived in Canada in 1820 and began his career as a printer in Montreal in 1835, concentrating on periodicals and newspapers.


John Lyons Agnew

John Lyons Agnew, mine executive (b at Pittsburgh, Pa 28 July 1884; d at Copper Cliff, Ont 9 July 1931). Agnew attended Pittsburgh schools and worked as a labourer in the steel mills before joining International Nickel's Canadian operations at Copper Cliff in 1904.


John Molson Jr

John Molson, Jr, brewer, entrepreneur in banking, transportation and utilities (b at Montréal 14 Oct 1787; d there 12 July 1860), eldest son of John MOLSON the elder, whose deputy he was from 1807 to 1835.


John Paris Bickell

John Paris Bickell, mining executive (b at Molesworth, Ont 26 Sept 1884; d at New York City, NY 22 Aug 1951). A Toronto broker, Bickell invested in a Porcupine gold property that formed the basis of McIntyre Porcupine Mines Ltd, of which he was president and later chairman.


John Rae

John Rae, fur trader, explorer, surgeon, author (born 30 Sept 1813 in Orkney, Scotland; died 22 July 1893 in London, England).


John Ross Robertson

John Ross Robertson, newspaper publisher, philanthropist (b at Toronto 28 Dec 1841; d there 31 May 1918). He was the son of a Scottish-born merchant. After attending Toronto's Upper Canada College, where he published a student


John Roth (Profile)

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on August 2, 1999. Partner content is not updated.

John Roth was not at all happy. For two months last winter, a Dallas-based advertising agency had been working on a hip new TV commercial for Nortel Networks Corp., the Canadian telecommunications giant of which Roth, 56, is chief executive officer.


John Sackville Labatt

John Sackville Labatt, brewer (b at London, Ont 10 Mar 1880; d at Port Stanley, Ont 8 July 1952). The eldest son of John LABATT, he was educated at Trinity College School and McGill. Succeeding his father, he was president of JOHN LABATT LTD 1915-50.


John Stanton

John Stanton, entrepreneur, runner (b 29 Dec 1948, Tofield, Alta). John Stanton is Canada's best-known expert on recreational running, and through his business, Running Room Ltd, he has advocated for improved health and fitness through simple changes in lifestyle that include increased activity.


John Ware

John Ware, cowboy, rancher (born c. 1845–50 in the United States; died 11 September 1905 near Brooks, AB). John Ware is legendary in the history of Alberta for his strength and horsemanship. Born enslaved, he became a successful rancher who settled near Calgary and Brooks. He was widely admired as one of the best cowboys in the West, even at a time of widespread anti-Black racism and discrimination.


John White Hughes Bassett

John White Hughes Bassett, broadcasting executive (b at Ottawa 25 Aug 1915; d at Toronto 27 Apr 1998). The son of the publisher of the Montréal Gazette, Bassett graduated from Bishop's University in 1936 and became a reporter with the Toronto Globe and Mail.


John Wilson McConnell

John Wilson McConnell, publisher, businessman (b in Muskoka, Ont 1 July 1877; d at Montréal 6 Nov 1963). McConnell was the owner of the Montreal Star, the largest English-language newspaper in Québec, and as such was a force in the land. He went into business in Toronto as a young man.


John Young

John Young, businessman, journalist, politician (b at Falkirk, Scot 1 Sept 1773; d at Halifax 6 Oct 1837). Young had a brilliant career at Glasgow U and wished to study medicine. His father refused further support so he began a career in business.


Joseph Cunard

Joseph Cunard, businessman, politician (b at Halifax 1799; d at Liverpool, Eng 16 Jan 1865), brother of Samuel CUNARD. He left Halifax around 1820 and established a branch of his father's firm at Chatham, NB, where he was soon involved in lumbering, milling and shipbuilding.