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Walter Joachim

Walter Joachim. Cellist, teacher, b Düsseldorf 5 May 1912, naturalized Canadian 1957, d Montreal 20 Dec 2001. At four he began studying the violin; at five, the cello. Studies followed at the conservatory in his home town.


Western University

Ontario's third largest university, Western University was founded in 1878 as the Western University of London, a denominational school of the Church of England.


Women and Education

Although women have always been well represented in schools as students and teachers, it is possible, by examining women's participation in schooling, to understand how that participation has both reflected and produced the unequal position of women in society.


Women's Studies

Women's Studies (also referred to as Feminist Studies) is a generic label for a diverse and fast growing area of knowledge. The first few courses in Women's Studies were taught at Canadian universities in the early 1970s.


York University

York expanded rapidly in the 1960s, establishing new faculties and programs such as Atkinson College for part-time degree studies, the Centre for Research in Experimental Space Science, the Institute of Social Research and the Faculty of Administrative Studies.