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Peguis First Nation

Peguis First Nation is located in Treaty 1 territory in Manitoba about 190 km north of Winnipeg. The members of the nation are of Ojibwe and Cree descent. Peguis is the largest First Nation community in Manitoba. The community is named after Chief Peguis, who led a band of Saulteaux people from present-day Sault Ste. Marie to a settlement at Netley Creek, Manitoba. The group later moved to St. Peter’s (present day East Selkirk, Manitoba, and 140 km southeast of the current location). After an illegal land transfer in 1907, Peguis First Nation was moved to its current location.

Peguis is made of nine reserves: Peguis 1B, Peguis 1C, Peguis 1D, Peguis 1E, Peguis 1F, Peguis 1G, Peguis 1H, Peguis 1I and St. Peters Fishing Station 1A, totaling 30657.2 hectares. As of February 2022, the registered population is 10,921 with the majority of members living off-reserve (7,191).

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