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    Albert Faucher

    Albert Faucher, economist and historian (b at Quebec 20 Jul 1915 - d at Québec, Qc, 19 Mar 1992). He first studied at U Laval where he came first in his class at the new School of Social Sciences founded in 1938.

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    Anthony Dalton Scott

    Anthony Dalton (Tony) Scott, OC, FRSC, economist (born 2 August 1923 in Vancouver, BC; died 17 February 2015 in Vancouver). Scott made pioneering contributions to the economics of natural resource use and management. 

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    Book Excerpt: John Kenneth Galbraith

    IN APRIL 1962, Jacqueline Kennedy invited GALBRAITH, who was returning to Washington on official business as U.S. ambassador to India, to join the Kennedy family for a weekend at Glen Ora, the family's rented estate in the Virginia countryside.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on January 31, 2005

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    Book Review: John Kenneth Galbraith

    IN THE FALL OF 1961, John F. Kennedy was under intense pressure to ramp up the U.S. presence in Vietnam from a few thousand military "advisers" to a full combat force of more than 200,000 troops. The proposal came from Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on January 31, 2005

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    Clarence Lyle Barber

    Clarence Lyle Barber, economist (b near Wolseley, Sask 5 May 1917). His experience of prairie farm life during the GREAT DEPRESSION gave him a commitment to improving Canadian economic policy and a concern for the needs of farmers.

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    Clifford Clark

    Clifford Clark, civil servant (b at Martintown, Ont 18 Apr 1889; d at Chicago 27 Dec 1952). Clark attended Queen's and Harvard before returning to Queen's as a lecturer in 1915, where he helped establish banking and commerce courses. In 1923 he joined the American investment firm of S.W.

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    David Dodge (Interview)

    DAVID DODGE SAYS SO OFTEN that the BANK OF CANADA 's goal is to keep inflation "low, stable and predictable" that, as the words trip off his tongue, they flow together, creating what seems like a single thought.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on March 21, 2005

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    Douglas H. Fullerton

    Douglas H. Fullerton, OC, economist, financial consultant, author (born 3 September 1917 in St. John's, Newfoundland; died 21 December 1996 in Ottawa, ON).

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    Eric William Kierans

    Eric William Kierans, OC, economist, politician, businessman (born 2 February 1914 in Montreal, Quebec; died 10 May 2004 in Montreal). Educated at Loyola College and McGill University, Kierans was director of the School of Commerce at McGill 1953–60, president of the Montreal Stock Exchange 1960–63 and then minister of communications and postmaster general of Canada 1968–71. He served in two governments — Jean Lesage's  Quiet Revolution (in which he served as minister of revenue 1963–65 and as minister of health 1965–66) and Pierre Trudeau's first Cabinet.

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    Esdras Minville

    Esdras Minville, professor and economist (born 7 November 1896 in Grande-Vallée, Quebec; died 9 December 1975 in Montreal, Quebec).An influential contributor to social and economic thought in Quebec in the 20th century, Minville served as the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Université de Montréal and was the first French-Canadian to hold the position of Director at HEC Montréal. He was also the longest-serving Director at HEC, holding the position for 25 years from 1938 to 1962.

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    George Alexander Elliott

    George Alexander Elliott, economist, professor, civil servant (b at Napier, Ont 22 July 1901).

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    Gordon G. Thiessen

    Gordon G. Thiessen, economist, banker (b at South Porcupine, Ont 14 Aug 1938). Raised and educated in Saskatchewan, Thiessen joined the BANK OF CANADA in 1963 as a research economist specializing in monetary analysis.

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    Graham Ford Towers

    Graham Ford Towers, banker, public servant (b at Montréal 29 Sept 1897; d at Ottawa 4 Dec 1975). Towers served in WWI and graduated from McGill in 1919. Although originally intending to study law, he entered the service of the ROYAL BANK OF CANADA.

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    Harry Gordon Johnson

    Harry Gordon Johnson, economist, teacher, author (b at Toronto 26 May 1923; d at Geneva, Switz 9 May 1977). He obtained his formal education at Cambridge (BA), U of T (MA) and Harvard (PhD). He held permanent teaching positions in Canada and Europe and visiting positions at universities worldwide.

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    Irene Spry

    Irene Mary Spry (née Biss), economic historian (born 28 August 1907 in Standerton, Transvaal, South Africa; died 16 December 1998 in Ottawa, ON).

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