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Gerald James

Gerald James is pictured here in a Tank suit soon after his liberation by Americans from a Prisoner of War camp in Germany, April 1945.

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David Seager

David Seager and Japanese POWs as his work crew. Photograph taken in Bangkok, Siam, just after VJ-Day, 1945.

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Emile Leon Thibault

Fragment of a letter that Emile Thibault wrote to his brother Andre Thibault on November 3, 1944, when he was a Prisoner of War. Brother Andre kept the letter and, decades later, gave it to Emile.

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Harry Inns

Italian submarine gave itself up at Aden for lack of oil. Note the Aden rock in the background . Captured Italian Submarine, Aden Harbour, 1944.

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Albert R. Wallace

Photocopy of Telegram to Al Wallace's Mother, which notified her that her son had gone missing after an air operation, May 13, 1943. Photocopy of Telegram to Al Wallace's Mother which notified her that he had become a prisoner of war, June 4, 1943.

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Geoffrey A Knowles

Prisoner being decapitated by a Japanese soldier. Photograph taken with a camera belonging to a Japanese soldier who was later captured by the Allies.

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E.B. "Ted" Walsh

"May the Future be Happier!" A sketch drawn by E.B."Ted" Walsh, in Howard Large's logbook, of the POW camp Stalag IX (A or B) in Mülhausen, Germany. March 7,1945.

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E.B. Ted" Walsh"

A sketch drawn by E.B.”Ted” Walsh in Howard Large's logbook of the POW camp Stalag IX (A or B) in Mülhausen, Germany. March 8, 1945. The camp’s entrance gate is pictured here.

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