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    Agnes Etherington Art Centre

    The Agnes Etherington Art Centre, located in Kingston, Ont, is the legacy of Agnes Richardson Etherington (1880-1954) who left her 19th-century Georgian-style house to Queen's University to be used as a permanent art facility for the community.

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    Architecture of Art Galleries in Canada

    While the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) lists nearly 400 art and leisure museums, Canada's major institutions are relatively few in number and often of relatively recent vintage.

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    Auditorium de Québec/Le Capitole

    Auditorium de Québec (from 1930 Le Capitol and from 1992 Le Capitole de Québec). Designed by the US architect Walter S. Painter and built 1902-4 at 972 St-Jean St, Quebec City, on the initiative of the mayor, S.N. Parent.

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    Belfry Theatre

    The Belfry's history began in 1974, when University of Victoria graduate student Blair Shakel started making theatrical use of the unheated Springridge Chapel of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in the heart of the ailing Fernwood neighbourhood.

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    Canadian National Exhibition

    The Canadian National Exhibition, Canada's largest annual exhibition and the fifth largest in North America, is held in Toronto for 18 days in late August.

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    Concert Halls and Opera Houses

    Most 18th- and 19th-century structures have not survived fires and demolition. However, some travellers and residents left brief descriptions of these early buildings.

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    Concert Halls and Opera Houses

    Concert halls and opera houses. Perhaps the oldest references to a venue for musical performance are the ones found in the Quebec Gazette of 29 Nov and 24 Dec 1764 which advertise dances to be held at the Concert Hall.

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    Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum

    The "Diefenbunker" is an underground bunker designed to withstand the force of a nuclear blast. It was built in Carp, Ontario, during a peak in Cold War tensions between 1959 and 1961, and named after then-Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. It is now the location of Canada’s Cold War Museum.

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    Eglinton Theatre

    The Eglinton Theatre, designed for cinema by Kaplan & Sprachman, architects, Toronto (1935-36), is one of the fullest interpretations of Art Deco styling in the mid-1930s in Canada.

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    Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre

     Marcus Loew, the American entrepreneur who formed the Loew's Theatres chain in the early 1900s (and later the MGM movie studio), commissioned the "movie palace" architect, Thomas W. Lamb, to design the Loew's Yonge Street and Winter Garden Theatres in Toronto.

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    Arts Commons

    Arts Commons (formerly the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts and the Calgary Centre for Performing Arts) is the largest performing arts facility in Western Canada and one of the three largest in the country.

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    EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts

    Cohen's committee eventually raised $15 million from the private sector. Work began in 1981 and the centre opened in 1985, built at a cost of $79.9 million. Municipal and provincial governments contributed to a fixed annual operating grant of $2.4 million.

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    Festival TransAmériques (former Festival de Théâtre des Amériques) (FTA)

    Festival TransAmériques (formerly the Festival de Théâtre des Amériques) (FTA).

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    Gehry's Bilbao Museum Sensation (Nov97 Updates)

    In architectural circles, they are calling it a masterpiece, the crowning achievement of Canadian-born, California-based Gehry's long career.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on November 3, 1997

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    Habitat 67

    Habitat 67 is an experimental urban residential complex designed by Israeli-born architect Moshe Safdie and located in the Cité du Havre neighbourhood south of Montréal’s Old Port sector. Commissioned by the Canadian Corporation for Expo 67, the project derives its name from the theme of the fair, “Man and His World,” and became one of the major pavilions of the exhibition. It is the only remaining structure from Expo 67 to retain its original function. In 2015, the Guardian called Habitat “a functioning icon of 1960s utopianism, and one of that period’s most important buildings.”

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