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    Carl Frederick Klinck

    Carl Frederick Klinck, literary historian, educator (b at Elmira, Ont 24 Mar 1908; d at London, Ont 22 Oct 1990). Klinck helped make CANADIAN STUDIES a central part of the curriculum: his Canadian Anthology (edited with R.E.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/Categories_Placeholders/Dreamstime/dreamstimemaximum_25058614200.jpg Carl Frederick Klinck
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    Charlotte Gray

    Charlotte Gray, historian, biographer (born 3 January 1948 in Sheffield, United Kingdom). Charlotte Gray is the author of a dozen best-selling Canadian history books and an adjunct research professor in the department of history at Carleton University. She is a recipient of the Pierre Berton Award for distinguished achievement in popularizing Canadian history.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/charlotte-gray-1.jpg Charlotte Gray
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    Chester William New

    Chester William New, university teacher, historian, biographer (b at Montréal 9 Oct 1882; d at Hamilton, Ont 31 Aug 1960). Raised and educated in Hamilton, New was a graduate of the University of Toronto and McMaster University.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/Categories_Placeholders/Dreamstime/dreamstimemaximum_25058614200.jpg Chester William New
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    Donald Creighton

    Donald Grant Creighton, historian (b at Toronto 15 July 1902; d at Brooklin, Ont 19 Dec 1979).

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/media/c49e83e8-3877-4052-832c-ab1fdd5e4f2b.jpg Donald Creighton
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    Frank Hawkins Underhill

    Frank Hawkins Underhill, historian, political thinker (b at Stouffville [Whitchurch-Stouffville], Ont 26 Nov 1889; d at Ottawa 16 Sept 1971).

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/Categories_Placeholders/Dreamstime/dreamstimemaximum_25058614200.jpg Frank Hawkins Underhill
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    Frederic Hubert Soward

    Frederic Hubert Soward, historian, educator (b at Minden, Ont 10 Apr 1899; d at Vancouver 1 Jan 1985). Educated at Toronto, Edinburgh and Oxford, he taught history at UBC 1922-64 (head of department, 1953-63).

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/Categories_Placeholders/Dreamstime/dreamstimemaximum_25058614200.jpg Frederic Hubert Soward
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    George Ramsay Cook

    George Ramsay Cook, historian (born 28 November 1931 in Alameda, Saskatchewan; died 14 July 2016 in Toronto, Ontario). Educated at the UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (BA), QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY (MA) and the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (U of T) (PhD), Ramsay Cook taught history first at U of T and later at YORK UNIVERSITY until his retirement in 1996.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/Categories_Placeholders/Dreamstime/dreamstimemaximum_25058614200.jpg George Ramsay Cook
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    Gustave Lanctot

    Gustave Lanctot, OC, archivist, historian (born 5 July 1883 in Saint-Constant, QC; died 2 February 1975 in Montreal, QC). Gustave Lanctot was an eminent historian who specialized in the history of New France. He served as Dominion Archivist from 1937 to 1948.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/Categories_Placeholders/Dreamstime/dreamstimeextralarge_65725674123.jpg Gustave Lanctot
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    Guy Frégault

    Guy Frégault, historian (b at Montréal 16 June 1918; d at Québec C 13 Dec 1977). Frégault pursued classical studies at Saint-Laurent and Jean-de-Brébeuf colleges in Montréal. He then enrolled in Université de Montréal and eventually completed his PhD in history at Loyola University, Chicago in 1949.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/Categories_Placeholders/Dreamstime/dreamstimeextralarge_83637570146.jpg Guy Frégault
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    Harold Innis

    A veteran of the First World War, Innis studied at McMaster and the University of Chicago. His choice of a Canadian thesis topic, a history of the CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, was his first step towards a reorientation of many fields of study relating to Canada, especially in the social sciences.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/media/bf6eb33e-a6a3-4100-b8bf-09e199e9f438.jpg Harold Innis
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    Irving Abella

    Irving Martin Abella, CM, O Ont, FRSC, historian, professor, administrator (born 2 July 1940 in Toronto, ON; died 3 July 2022). Irving Abella was a professor of history at York University from 1968 to 2013. He was a pioneer in the field of Canadian labour history and also specialized in the history of Jewish people in Canada. Abella was co-author of the book None Is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe 1933–1948, which documented antisemitism in the Canadian government’s immigration policies. Abella served as president of the Canadian Jewish Congress from 1992 to 1995 and helped establish the Centre for Jewish Studies at York University. He was a Member of the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/media/6d356bb1-8262-40a1-a024-3e8d3226a9da.jpg Irving Abella
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    Jack Granatstein

    Jack Lawrence Granatstein, OC, historian, professor (born 21 May 1939 in Toronto, Ontario). One of the most prolific Canadian historians of his generation, Granatstein has written widely on Canadian history and current affairs. A professor of history until his retirement in 1995, Granatstein later became director and CEO of the Canadian War Museum from 1998-2000. He has written over 60 books and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/media/c5cf334e-c025-44ac-9fca-caadda5943e4.jpg Jack Granatstein
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    Jean Hamelin

    Jean Hamelin, university professor and historian (b at Saint-Narcisse, Qc 13 Jul 1931; d at Sainte-Foy 15 May 1998).

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/Categories_Placeholders/Dreamstime/dreamstimemaximum_25058614200.jpg Jean Hamelin
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    Jean Provencher

    Jean Provencher, historian, author, essayist (b at Trois-Rivières, Que 1943).

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/Categories_Placeholders/Dreamstime/dreamstimemaximum_25058614200.jpg Jean Provencher
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    J.M.S. Careless

    James Maurice Stockford Careless, historian (b at Toronto 17 Feb 1919; d at Toronto 6 Apr 2009). A graduate of the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (1940), James Careless had just begun graduate work at Harvard when he enlisted in the Canadian military effort during WWII.

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    https://d2ttikhf7xbzbs.cloudfront.net/media/Categories_Placeholders/Dreamstime/dreamstimemaximum_25058614200.jpg J.M.S. Careless

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