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    Edward Rogers Wood

    Edward Rogers Wood, financier (b at Peterborough, Canada W 14 May 1866; d at Toronto 16 June 1941). Originally a telegraph operator, Wood joined the Central Canada Loan and Savings Company in 1884. He later became managing director and vice-president, and was elected president in 1914.

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    Edward Samuel Rogers

    His alternating-current radio tube, perfected in 1925, revolutionized the home radio-receiver industry throughout the world.

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    Eldon Leslie Brown

    Eldon Leslie Brown, mining engineer, executive (b at Toronto 19 Aug 1900; d at Brechin, Ont 20 Feb 1998). After working as an engineer for the Mond Nickel Co, Brown joined Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd in 1927, becoming president and managing director in 1946.

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    Elizabeth Arden

    Elizabeth Arden (née Florence Nightingale Graham), entrepreneur, founder of Elizabeth Arden Inc. (born 31 December 1881 in Vaughan Township, ON; died 18 October 1966 in New York City, NY). Arden was an innovator in the cosmetics and beauty culture industry. She used mass marketing to promote her products and change popular perceptions of makeup (see Advertising). Her clientele included British royalty and celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. She rose from humble beginnings to being one of the wealthiest women in the world.

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    Elsie Knott

    Elsie Marie Knott (née Taylor), Ojibwe chief, community leader, entrepreneur (born 20 September 1922 on Mud Lake Reserve [now Curve Lake First Nation], ON; died there on 3 December 1995). Knott was the first elected female First Nations chief in Canada, after a 1951 amendment to the Indian Act permitted Indigenous women to vote and participate in band governments. She was also chief of her First Nation for 14 years, from 1954 to 1962 and from 1970 to 1976. Knott was dedicated to preserving the Ojibwe language and was known for her community activism and support of education.

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    Elsie Reford

    Elsie Reford, née Meighen, philanthropist and founder of the Reford Gardens (born 8 January 1872 in Perth, ON; died 8 November 1967 in Montreal, QC). A niece of Lord Mount Stephen and a close friend of Lord Grey, Reford belonged to the conservative and imperialist wing of Montreal’s large business bourgeoisie.

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    Enos Collins

    Enos Collins, merchant, privateer, banker (b at Liverpool, NS 5 Sept 1774; d at Halifax 18 Nov 1871). Enos went to sea as a cabin boy on one of his father's fishing vessels, becoming master of a trading ship before he was 19.

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    Erastus Wiman

    Erastus Wiman, journalist, businessman (b at Churchville, UC 21 Apr 1834; d on Staten I, NY 9 Feb 1904).

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    Eric Harvie

    Eric Lafferty Harvie, oilman, philanthropist (b at Orillia, Ont 2 Apr 1892; d at Calgary 11 Jan 1975). Harvie was called to the Alberta Bar in 1915. He served overseas in WWI, was wounded in France and achieved the rank of captain.

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    Eric Herbert Molson

    Eric Herbert Molson, industrial capitalist (b at Montréal 16 Sept 1937). Molson was educated at Bishop's, Princeton and McGill.

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    Eric William Kierans

    Eric William Kierans, OC, economist, politician, businessman (born 2 February 1914 in Montreal, Quebec; died 10 May 2004 in Montreal). Educated at Loyola College and McGill University, Kierans was director of the School of Commerce at McGill 1953–60, president of the Montreal Stock Exchange 1960–63 and then minister of communications and postmaster general of Canada 1968–71. He served in two governments — Jean Lesage's  Quiet Revolution (in which he served as minister of revenue 1963–65 and as minister of health 1965–66) and Pierre Trudeau's first Cabinet.

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    Errol Bouchette

    Robert-Errol Bouchette, MSRC, lawyer, journalist, Quebec civil servant and intellectual (born 2 June 1863 in Quebec City, QC; died 13 August 1912 in Ottawa, ON). He is best known for two works: a 1901 essay entitled Emparons-nous de l’industrie (Let’s Take Over the Industry), the title of which already foreshadows the topic, and a 1903 novel, Robert Lozé, which sets his ideas in fiction. Through his ideas, he sought to ensure the economic independence of French Canada.

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    Erskine Henry Bronson

    Erskine Henry Bronson, manufacturer, politician (b at Bolton, NY 12 Sept 1844; d at Ottawa 19 Oct 1920). His father, Henry Franklin BRONSON, moved the family to Bytown [Ottawa] in 1853 during an influx of Americans attracted by cheap waterpower at the Chaudière Falls.

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    Esdras Minville

    Esdras Minville, professor and economist (born 7 November 1896 in Grande-Vallée, Quebec; died 9 December 1975 in Montreal, Quebec).An influential contributor to social and economic thought in Quebec in the 20th century, Minville served as the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Université de Montréal and was the first French-Canadian to hold the position of Director at HEC Montréal. He was also the longest-serving Director at HEC, holding the position for 25 years from 1938 to 1962.

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    Eugene O'Keefe

    Eugene O'Keefe, brewer, banker, philanthropist (born 10 December 1827 in Bandon, Ireland; died 1 October 1913 in Toronto, ON).

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